118. The Power Of Community

“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals.” 

– Jean Vanier

I am so excited for this one! We are fresh off Podfest Origins, a podcast-based multimedia expo in Florida, and I have my first pod-connect, Peter Ong. Peter is coming to us live from Kuala Lumpur, a Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. That is right, we are worlds apart and yet share the love of podcasting! In a divide world, now more than ever we need unity. What better way to unite than for our love of podcasting and the podcasting community? Peter is a podcaster (obviously), Japanese speaking online marketer, coach, and animation video creator. We talk about Peter’s journey into business and podcasting and how we both embraced the Chris Krimitsos, Founder and Creator of Podfest, motto, Start Ugly! It’s not easy to get on the mic and share your voice, but it is necessary. You can learn from our journeys that it can be a work in progress (podcasting or any new challenge/ adventure) just begin and be open to evolution as you go. Who knows, you might end up with friends around the world at the very least! Community is everything and finding yours is easier than ever- use your voice, share your words, and make friends… the world needs your individuality to unite accordingly (aka niche communities = family:). Everything is easier when you have the supportive efforts of the fam!


Entrepreneurship. Podcasting and the podcasting community. Crossing paths because of common ground. The power of community, support, and chasing the dream. Questioning a better way and using your voice. Starting ugly and imposter syndrome. Branding and marketing. Connection.

Peter Ong
As Digital Media Specialist
-Developed and activated comprehensive digital media plans based on individual client needs and campaign objectives.
-Identified strategic and tactical opportunities that best fit the goals and KPIs of the campaign.
-Collaborated with other internal and external teams in a cross-functional capacity to ensure alignment of campaign objectives and expectations.
-Analyzed campaign results to determine optimizations and recommendations for future flights.
-Evaluated media partners using 3rd party tools to determine relevancy to target consumer profile.
Podcast Name: ‎創業早點明StartUp

Step Into The Startup for Better Self– Delivers inspiration and strategies for founders to startup their entrepreneurial journey.

Podcast Website: podpage.com/chuang-ye-zao-dian-ming-startup

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/in/peterongkl

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