117. Challenging Conformity by Telling The Truth


“God does not play dice with the universe.”

-Albert Einstein

Grab some coffee and be ready to go deep on this conversation today! I am excited to welcome The Anomaly Architect, Troy McTeer,  to the T&T mic! Troy is the secret weapon to the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and ultra-high performing individuals consumed with intense pressure to perform at the highest level. He works exclusively with anomalistic industry leaders – illuminating the illusion of their minds to destroy the addiction of mediocrity and conformity – leading them to achieve extreme Mental & Emotional Prowess by unlocking their unique master sovereignty. Tory is known for his unconventional techniques to help his clients see real results in a streamlined fashion. Today we are going to talk about Troy’s personal journey and how it led him to his own mental prowess and in turn developed his coaching practice. We cover the universe, core values, breakdowns and breakthroughs, and how all is right on time. Some people call it woo woo, some quantum physics, but we all know one thing: energy is everything. Lean into get your mind, thoughts, and your own personal prowess right so you can challenge conformity and live in your authentic truth.


Truth. Challenging conformity. Influencers and marketing. Bread downs, breakthroughs, choosing greatness. Leveling up and leveling out. Being an anomaly. Energy, however you brand it. Questioning a better way and working to live in alignment.

Troy McTeer:

From a very young age, Troy defied ”the norm”, as his rebellious spirit sought out a life on the edge. He left a career in Accounting to explore the world of professional poker for 6 years, where he began to understand and master the power of extreme mental, emotional and psychological clarity. After leaving poker, he implemented his newly found skills in a corporate real estate career. Troy excelled in real estate but it was empty. He was conforming to a narrative that he was told, by society, would make him successful. He found himself navigating depression and suicidal ideation after living a lie trying to conform to society’s expectations of him. After being told he would be on medication his whole life, he harnessed the power of his mind to rid himself of all medication – after only 10 months – shattering the paradigm of mental health to achieve a state of extreme Mental Prowess.

There is NOTHNG to gain from colouring inside the lines, except for living a painfully slow death. His philosophy purposefully confronts his clients with their physical mortality – to ignite their very deep desire to live a life free from the madding mediocrity created by the illusion of fear. Extreme Mental Prowess can only be activated once you take noble responsibility for who you are in this world and cure the cancer of victim mentality. Troy does not believe in “normal” linear systems. Who said life had to be linear? When in Troy’s presence you will become The Master of Mental & Emotional Prowess. In his world, miracles are expected and the only “norm” there is. You are the Anomaly. Your whole life you have been the outlier, pushing boundaries, pushing yourself, creating extraordinary results – results that others could never even dream of. You have been labelled “crazy”, “mad”, “unrealistic” and, over time – unknowingly, dulled your self-expression, creativity and genius in a futile attempt to appear “normal” in the eyes of the mediocre people littered in your life. Your massive vision for your business, your life and yourself sends shockwaves of discomfort down people’s spines forcing you to dumb down your desires – to “fit in”. This has led to a lack of energy, escapism, weakening willpower, burnout, self-doubt and a life absent of “time”. Why? Because you lack the one thing that an Anomaly requires – Mental Prowess. The new paradigm is here – Mental Prowess: Sangfroid – Unflappable Resourcefulness Under Pressure, Noble Personal Responsibility, Brutal Honesty with Yourself, Unwavering Self-Belief and the Ownership of your Anomalistic Power. I am able to see your Mental Prowess hidden deep in your psyche, point it out, unlock it, expand it and deliver it to you – rapidly. I am leading the revolution into extreme Mental Prowess by showing the world’s most successful executives, entrepreneurs and ultra-high performing individuals – consumed with intense pressure to perform at the highest level – how to achieve Mental Prowess. Your technical know-how and unquestionable intelligence have got you this far – the only limitation now is your lack of Mental Prowess. Your brilliant psyche is complex, with many moving cogs, yet the tiniest speck of dust can easily bring it to a halt. I will calmly point out that speck and gently blow it away leaving you empowered with extreme Mental Prowess.  You have been thinking small – even though you don’t think so – you have been thinking way too small. It is time to think bigger & bolder, “crazier” & “madder” and even more “unrealistic” than ever before because you are the Anomaly and your vision will never be dumbed down for anyone or anything…ever again. Mental Prowess is rare and only for those who have the courage to own their power, stand in it and create from It.  Mental Prowess is how the “impossible” becomes reality – every time.



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