115. T&T Open Mic: Ted Grant, Viveau


“We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons.”

-Alfred Newman

I am so excited about this- graceful disruptors in the CPG (consumer packaged goods) space!! You know I love my REAL natural CPG’s, but they are oh-so-hard to come by! When I saw this product, I knew I had to have a conversation with them and luckily, I happen to know someone directly in the mix.  Sparkling water has been all the rage over the past 5+ years, with many debates around the “natural” flavoring. Yes, most of them are calorie free and the ingredients usually say, sparkling water and natural flavoring- not telling us much. The term “natural flavoring” can mean a lot and there are a lot of shades of grey here. Jump in on this convo to hear from Ted Grant, Co-Founder of Viveau, a sparkling mineral water with REAL ingredients. Ted is a longtime entrepreneur, Michelin-Star Chef,  and Dad… in the pursuit of real, good, food. Ted shares his journey, passion, and expertise around seeking real ingredients and the new age process of leading with the heart (instead of chasing profitable margins). The consumer is evolving and so are SOME businesses around us, Ted and Viveau are excellent examples of disruptors “questioning a better way”, living by it, and reaping the rewards from it. If you are an entrepreneur, foodie, chef, or anyone looking to change up the traditional ways of business/living, this one’s for you. Enjoy!


Graceful disruption. Sparking water and natural flavors not being so natural. Passion over paycheck, that leads to a paycheck. Building the right team and creating the right culture aka… The vibe attracts the tribe. Being in alignment with your personal and professional life. Grassroots to boardroom. Creative marketing strategy and evolution. Strategic partnerships. Health, wealth, and balance. Maybe a good cocktail recipe or two… 🙂

Creating Viveau has always been about accelerating a real food movement for people and planet. That’s why every ingredient comes from the earth, not the lab. No sugar added and no hard-to-pronounce chemicals or so-called “natural flavours”. Just real ingredients for a beverage that’s really refreshing.
A tale of two visionaries:
One day at a vineyard in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, two guys named Ted and Hanspeter were complaining they couldn’t find any sparkling waters that used real ingredients.

Instead, it seemed the industry was saturated with beverages filled with sugar, artificial preservatives, and “natural flavours”— which could mean anything from chemical additives to derived flavouring constituents.
As champions of the real food movement — with real lifetime expertise in the food and beverage world — Ted and Hanspeter became determined to challenge the lack of truth and transparency in the marketplace. 

It was time to create the first Canadian-made sparkling water made with actual honest-to-goodness real fruit and the safest, highest-quality water possible. 
The Founders:
Ted Grant, The Michelin-Star Chef
Chef, gastronomy guru, and food product developer, Ted has worked on five continents supporting a variety of businesses and educational institutions with his vision, enthusiasm, and devoted work ethic.
Hanspeter Stutz, The Trailblazer
A pioneer in the Canadian wine and cider landscape, Hanspeter is the founder of the renowned Grand Pré Winery. He brings an unparalleled enthusiasm to every project and every product he creates.



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