114. The Evolution Of Corporate Wellness


“Good health IS good business”

Paul Drechsler (CEO, Wates Group Limited)

I am excited to welcome Laura Timbrook to the T&T mic! Laura is a national board-certified health and wellness coach, international speaker, fellow podcasters, and well-being strategist for the manufacturing industry. Health and wellness in the corporate environment has never been more important than it is right now. We not only need to feel safe at work #covid, but ideally, we WANT to actually be there. The old school way of leading by authority and grinding out 40+ hours a week regardless if you are passionate about your work or not- no longer suffices. We spend so much time at work and with our fellow employees- most likely building someone else’s dream (even if you love it), it’s critical that employers (or any situation leading people) foster a whole human, welcoming environment, meaning that wellness and welling being come first for the team and community at large. Dialing into corporate wellness can not only build moral and retain employees longer, it can also make employees more productive, happier at work, and less likely to take additional sick days off. If you are a business owner, coach, parent, or leader in any capacity, this is the convo for you! Facilitate an environment of well-being and you will reap the world in so many ways, including your pocketbook. You might even be doing more correctly than you think and/or it could be small steps of changes that kick off a world of positive change. Get healthy, take change, and enjoy life… it’s that simple:)


Corporate wellness. Well-being strategy. Business and health and the pay off? Manufacturing and shirt worker industries. Mastering our mindset and shifting perspectives. Small steps to big change. Positivity approaching change and embracing the successes you are already doing. Balance and not taking away our beer. Life skills through work change. The younger generation and the corporate world. Gracefully disrupting the health and wellness approach and industries.

 Laura Timbrook:
Laura is a national board-certified health and wellness coach, international speaker, and well-being strategist for the manufacturing industry.



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