112. T&T Creatives: Cora Sexton Wheeler

“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.”

– Dorthy Parker

I am so excited for this conversation!! I am welcoming Colorado native and longtime LAX homie turned full time artist, Cora Sexton Wheeler, to the T&T mic! I have known Cora for over 20 years and I never even knew she was this amazing artist, so I too, was pumped to hear her journey from D1 athlete, to dental school, to becoming a mom, and then taking art on full time. Little did I know that the creative energy was there all along- like myself ha (lax and beer was a enough to keep us friends this long- obvi). Cora’s shares her process and how each piece of that journey had to unfold in its own time only to compliment the art and inspiration oh-so-perfectly now. She even uses dental tools for some of her creations! The universe does not play. I love highlighting T&T creatives because I firmly believe that creativity in any form unites us and from there we can open to heavier covno and ideally a united world…  #LongTermGoals folks. If you are a budding artist or someone like Cora that has had it all along, this is an awesome cast for you to be inspired to fuel that creative heart and potentially take it on full time when the time if right. You never know where the destination truly lands, but you might as well as paint the path the color you want along the way:)

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LACROSSE. Lacrosse makes friends. Turmeric and Tequila. Good times and great oldies. The journey and all the plans that didn’t, but did work out. Moms, professionals, artists, creatives, and being all of those things. Balance= Rose. Family legacy and philanthropy. Inspiration and creation. Maturing priorities and recognizing what you really give a shit about.

Cora Sexton Wheeler:

About The Art

The goal of my art is to engage viewers through multiple sensory outlets, primarily visual and tactile. The saturated colors are playful, inviting and warm. The palette, along with the heavy texture, encourages a closer look and even a touch.

My body of work is heavily influenced by my heritage and upbringing in both the city and on a ranch in Durango, Colorado. I have always loved to create and work with my hands. Over the years I have used a myriad of tools and instruments to sculpt my art. I focus on capturing the details in everything from vast mountain range landscapes to tiny meticulous flowers. The paintings tell a story that reflects American history, especially in the West.
Every piece starts with a sketch on canvas and is followed by sculpting of the image with white lightweight spackle. Then, multiple acrylic color washes are applied to the layers and fine details are painted in. Paintings are completed with either a high gloss resin or varnished with a matte finish. The pieces are sculptures on canvas with the depth adding structure and interest.

My work continues to grow and change in both the size and subject matter, always with a western nod and appreciation for my native Colorado upbringing and American Indian ancestors.
I am honored to donate a portion of the proceeds from all headdress pieces to a non-profit that supports American Indian children and families in the Denver metropolitan area.

Curriculum Vitae:

Community Series Pop-up at Free Market Dairy Block (Denver, CO) — 2021 Memories in the Making, Purple Gala Featured Artist (Denver, CO) — 2016-present

A-Line Boutique (Denver, CO)
Kate Meyers, Art Consultant (Denver, CO)

Cherry Creek Fashion Magazine “A Line Muses: Artist Cora Wheeler” (September 2020) Cherry Hills Village Magazine “Local Artist: Cora Sexton Wheeler” (January 2021)
Avid Lifestyle Magazine “Heirloom Art” (February 2021)
Shoutout Colorado “Meet Cora Wheeler” (March 2021)
The Explorer “Dental Hygienists are Artists” (April 2021)

CSextonW Studio:
IG @csextonwstudio


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