111. Varsity vs. JV (The Importance Of Our Internal Monologue)

“Reality is nothing more than applied meaning.”

—-Me… and a bunch of notable philosophers that know way more than me:)

I have been asked MANY TIMES why I say “varsity” and what does it mean? SO we are going to unpack my labeling of varsity vs. jv and what it means to me. I am not sure where it really started, but it just kept going as an easy, time effective way to be conscious of varsity moments and JV ones. Meaning that a “varsity” state is not permanent. We all have JV moments, moments where we know we could have done better, knowing that within that JV moment there is a lesson offering an opportunity to level up.

A varsity state of mind or a varsity human are 3 main things:

– Self-aware

– Accountable

– Constantly Evolving

This really breaks down to internal thoughts and how I consciously (or unconsciously) work to (gracefully) disrupt my own internal monologue, aka work to maintain varsity status as much as I can. I found an amazing article from Huffpost Contributor, Judith Johnson, “Do You Know HOw Powerful Your Thoughts Are”, that breaks it all down . Judith breaks down in a simple, digestible way. She shares the science, the importance, and the solution to get your mind right, present, and authentic. It’s not easy or constant, but it’s doable and necessary if you seek a varsity way of life:).

Full Article: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/do-you-know-how-powerful-_b_4705523


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Varsity vs. JV. Autopilot vs. Authenticity. internal monologue and creating the reality you want. Graceful Disruption. Mindset and attitude. Operating in alignment and letting go of the past. Creating a story and how it’s poison. A new mindset, a new way of living.

Judith Johnson: 
*2008 DSS/Doctorate in Spiritual Science – Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy 
*1998 Ph.D. /Social Psychology – The Union Institute and University 
*1975 MA/Management – Simmons College 
“My work can be described as The Kintsugi Path of Living and Dying. It is built upon the belief that beauty, creative expression, wisdom, and loving kindness are more the result of learning how to weather the disturbances of our lives than from avoiding them.” 
Who Am I? 
I am an author and mentor who helps others to find their truth so they can find their bearings and consciously thrive in their own spectacular way. 
My work is about helping others move beyond talk into the creative artistry of choosing how to live their lives. I teach them how to breathe life into the truth that resonates within them – to live a life that is a beautiful reflection of their most treasured truth and inner wisdom. 
When we live more deeply rooted in our hearts and our truth, we bring the gifts of our true brilliance into the world. 
I support you in living with profound authenticity through the trials and triumphs of your life. To engage with life’s challenges beyond concepts of right and wrong – learning from them, and evolving to greater levels of wisdom as you elevate your consciousness is an ART. 
The parts of life that break us truly offer us the ability to become stronger, wiser, and nicer people. 
For more on Judith, visit her site: https://judithjohnson.com/
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