110. Economic Literacy With Ryan Harris

“Our economic system is like the air. We aren’t always conscious of it, but it touches virtually every aspect of our lives.

—LaKay Schmidt,  Economic Literacy Colorado’s Founding President

Get your money right- right now! I am so excited for this conversation with Ryan Harris, Super Bowl Champion and Board Member of The Economic Literacy of Colorado (EconLitCo). We discuss money: saving, spending, and lifestyle. All things start with the right mindset and who you surround yourself with- football AND financials. Ryan shares his journey and why is passionate about financial literacy particularly with our youth. He shares his view on gracefully disrupting the current school curriculum and adding financial training to the mix, including educating the educators so the impact and lessons continue to carry on. Bill Tortorici, Chief Philanthropy Officer of EconLitCo, adds,financial literacy/education is not mandated within the Colorado Education System. This is the real crux of the issue.  Lack of access to this information is unacceptable for everyone and it certainly exacerbates existing social inequities. There are only a handful of states that make this particular topic a priority.”

Equality is a big topic on T&T, as you know,  and money is a major divider. Many of us were not taught how to save, invest, or aim for long-term wealth. The learning starts now! Get your money right and gain freedom- personally, professionally, spiritually. Play the game (on and off the field) with honor, don’t let the game play you. Thank you, Bill and Ryan, for the time, energy, and passion behind this important conversation. You are both true winners and I am inspired by your all-around daily actions… #InfluencersIRL 🙂

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Economic Literacy. Disrupting the current education system. Money, wealth, power. Equality and the financial divide. Kids and money, adults and money. How to get financially literate now. How to get loser out of your life. You are your friends, get dream supporters around you. Mindset and mentality. Being a winner.

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