108. LIVE: How To Manage Change? Get a Coach.

“The Only Constant in Life Is Change.”

– Heraclitus

I am excited to welcome my longtime friend and fellow Denver base company owner, Jessica Crow, back to the T&T mic! Jessica spent the bulk of her career amongst the top of the corporate world- leading, evolving, and learning. In that time, she became a master of change/transformation and jumped the corporate ship to establish Apogy, her firm specializes in proven strategies for achieving change success. Like Jessica I have also had my share of learnings in the personal and professional realm and one thing Jessica and I absolutely agree on and suggest is a GREAT coach. Jessica and I were both athletes growing up and like many of you we didn’t really have any coaches after sports ended. On this LIVE Club House conversation Jessica and I discuss the importance of a great coach and why it’s even more important as we “grow up”. We have both explored different coaches for personal and professional reasons and we share why we think these were such important moves for your own success and how it helped facilitate positive change all the way around.

Jessica is also an excellent example of the Turmeric & Tequila life: alongside her professional success, she is a certified yoga instructor and brings her understanding of the mind-body connect to her professional pursuits. If you listen to T&T you know that I believe it all connects, you can’t leave any big holes in your game:) We need to be the whole package to achieve personal and professional success. We are seeing so many major companies, brands, and leaders humanize their professional systems. I have no doubt that Jessica and companies like her’s will be on the forefront of the next wave of uber success professional situations and more importantly, happy, balanced working humans:)

Keep evolving and get a coach to help you do so!

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Turmeric & Tequila. Live in a coffee shop. Club House convo. Managing change success in personal and professional situations. How to find a good coach. How to heal. Defining success. Growth breakdown and brake through. Humanizing the brand. Finding purpose. Constant evolution.

Jessica Crow is the founder of Apogy, a change management training, coaching, and consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado.  Jessica started Apogy in 2019after 16 years of successfully leading change and transformation for top companies including DaVita, Prologis, and Accuvant (now Optiv). During this time, Jessica started teaching yoga, where she developed a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and how to help people experience positive, lasting changeApogy is the culmination of this knowledge, combined with best practices and proven strategies for achieving change success.

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