107. I’m So F*cking Tired

“We all grow tired eventually; it happens to everyone. Even the sun, at the close of the year, is no longer a morning person.”

― Joyce Rachelle

I’m so excited to be with you all once again on our weekly digital meetup… AND I’m so f-ing TIRED. It’s such a blessing to be in 2021 and back to the swing of things, but it’s also tough to manage the 0-100 pace! On this cast, it’s just you and I unpacking my hectic day that brought me to a few tears of frustration, but more importantly my 4-step process to organize the chaos and alleviate the overwhelm. I considered taking a week off of the cast, but then I knew if this is coming up in my world, someone else likely needs to hear it. I hope these 4 steps can take you back to a place of peace and create some space between you and your problems at hand. Usually the solution reveals itself if we can create that space and take a deep breath (and make a to-do list). It’s a quick one, enjoy and then get back to relaxing… man, that T&T balance never really gets any easier

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Turmeric & Tequila. Breakdown and breakthrough. Letting yourself have a breakdown, organizing your thoughts, planning a solution. Rest. Recovery. Relation. Mental and physical health/ Adrenal fatigue. Priorities and managing the work load and energy investment. Balance.

4 Steps To Alleviate The Overwhelm:

  1. Have the breakdown. Let it all out. Exercise the demons- responsibly:)
  2. Identify the REAL problem (likely exhaustion)
  3. Identify a solution
  4. Make a POA (plan of attack) of small steps to start the solution

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