106. Resilience

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.”

Steve Maraboli

2021 is all about RESILIENCE! And there is no better person to come on the T&T mic to share her epic journey of consistent resilience than Amber Fuhrman! Amber is Attorney, practicing Criminal Defense and Immigration Law, as well as a sought-out speaker, success coach, and fellow podcaster, hosting her show,  More Than Corporate. Amber shares her journey of breaking down and breaking through and we jump right into the deep with heavy, but relevant conversation around immigration and the law. Ambers is no stranger to approaching difficult situations that often times don’t have a straight forward solution. Maintaining your cool and keeping a balanced perspective is absolutely a skill set. If you are in a space where you are seeking answers or wondering how you’re going to approach a difficult situation, this is the cast for you! Amber started from a place of avoidance because of loss and then found her way through purpose and inspiration. We can all be reminded again and again that the one thing we do have control of is our reaction. Get inspired to level up with Ambers good words. We need the varsity humans on the front lines come 2022… the training starts now. Here’s to personal responsibly in effort to inspire collective positive (worldly) growth, cheers.

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Breakdown and breakthrough. The law, business, and the world. Nurture vs. Nature. Women supporting women. Seeing things from all perspectives. Unpacking the details. Open minds, open hearts. Progression. Being proud to be an American. The news vs. reality. Do your research. Understand that you might not ever understand. Family. Self-care. Balance.

Amber Fuhriman:


Amber Fuhriman is an attorney, speaker, success architect, and podcaster. She is the Owner and Attorney at Fuhriman Law, a Law Firm she operates in Las Vegas, Nevada. Amber practices Criminal Defense and Immigration Law. She graduated from Law School in Michigan and immediately moved to Vegas to being her career.

Throughout her educational and professional career, Amber always thought there would be a moment where everything would fall into place, as she calls it, her “I’ll be happy when moment.”

When that moment never came, Amber started to realize her entire identity had been tied up in being an attorney and chasing accomplishments to fill a void that accomplishments could never fill. Amber’s road to becoming a success architect began in 2016 when she dug into personal development. Since 2016, Amber has pushed the boundaries of her self-imposed physical and mental limitations, living outside her comfort zone as much as possible and learning about how the mind works and how our limiting beliefs affect our success.

In 2020, Amber became a Certified Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Certified Master Practitioner in Integrated Timeline Techniques. She is also a Success Mastery Academy Certified Coach. Now, in addition to practicing law, Amber is a Success Architect! She works with “serial accomplishers” like her former self to help them gain clarity what they actually want, define what their best life looks like and helps them get out of their comfort zone to achieve their dreams. Amber believes that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone physically helps challenge your mental limitations of what you can accomplish professionally. She uses her experiences with loss, grief, academic and professional success, and physical challenges including a 24 hour endurance obstacle course race to help her clients get out of their own way and achieve their highest level of success. 

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