104. Humanizing The Brand

Humanizing your brand is a requirement, not an option, if you want to survive in business today.”

– Pam Moore, @mktgNutz

You hear me saw this a lot, humanize the brand/company… even human. Aka let the truth and let your natural competitive edges shine! The world (consumer) wants the authentic truth, not the filtered, old school (fake) polished version we all grew up with. Even still, this is a pretty new concept, hence I was excited to welcome Todd Giannattasio to the T&T mic on the eve(ish) of his company’s 10-year anniversary. Todd is a veteran marketing expert who has been featured in Entrepreneur Mag, Forbes, and the Huff Post for his proven system to grow brands. He has been on the front lines of the trend setting tip from day 1- even being featured in Seventeen Magazine as a young boy recognized for telling the truth very early on (he shares the whole story in this convo). Todd shares his entrepreneurial journey, how he and his companies have evolved, and what he is looking forward to as an entrepreneur in the coming years.  Innovation and evolution are the names of the game and Todd has mastered both. This is an awesome convo for all business humans (entrepreneur or corporate) and for anyone questioning a better

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Questioning a better way. Humanizing the brand. Authenticity. Balance. Life and life hacks. Seventeen mag as a young kid. Growth strategy, and strategic partnerships. Family, biz, life balance. The new generation and the new, savvy consumer. Transparency.

Todd Giannattasio is a veteran marketing expert who has been featured by Entrepreneur,  Forbes, and Huffington Post for his proven systems to grow brands, generate leads, and increase sales in our constantly evolving, digital world. His combination of fundamental principles and modern marketing strategies are what create a force multiplier for businesses. 
He is certified in sales and marketing from DigitalMarketer.com, Hubspot, and the Jordan Belfort Straight Line Sales and Persuasion System. He has been a featured speaker at the Propelify Innovation Festival, presenting to a combined audience of 24,000 attendees. 
Todd has been working in digital communications and marketing since 2003. Over that time,  he’s worked with some of the biggest companies in the world from Universal Records to BASF,  and with growing startups and small businesses. 
He is currently the founder of The Growth Suite and Tresnic Media and cofounder, CMO of Ziotag. 
Tresnic Media Sales & Marketing
We help companies establish and grow a digital presence in order to attract and convert more customers. At Tresnic Media, we believe that building helpful and informative relationships with your audience can lead to true business growth and a happy, loyal customer base. We like to do business with people and companies that believe what we believe. How We Do What We Do By leveraging all that the web has to offer, we connect businesses with their target audience using quality content and digital communications. What We Do Using our proven strategies, we build websites that attract targeted traffic, deliver a high-quality customer experience, convert visitors into leads and prospects, and retain customers for a higher lifetime customer value. All of our online work is aligned with real world business goals to ensure that your website becomes an asset for your business and not an expense.

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