102. Outwardly Successful Inwardly Trapped

Outwardly Successful Inwardly Trapped

Christy Whitman

I believe everyone can relate to the quote, “outwardly successful, but inwardly trapped” in some capacity. HENCE, I am so excited for this conversation with 2 Time New York Best-selling author, coach, motivation and Ted X Speaker, Christy Whitman, to the T&T mic! There was so much to unpack with Christy I encourage you to enjoy this convo and then go dig into all the VARSITY-NESS that she has going on several levels, you won’t regret it. Today Christy and I talk about her journey, her breakdown from unhappiness to breakthrough of living a purposeful life- with ease (for the most part:). Christy talks about the mind body connection, the power of our thoughts, listening to that inner voice, and letting go. She is intentional about her every move with her life and her family’s lives. She gives great tips for parents to add mindfulness into their kiddo’s every day and tips for the adults that need to re-connect to themselves too. It’s never too early or too late to lean into your purpose, your mission, and your truth. Whether your seeking quantum success or the desire factor… Christy has you covered! Those are also 2 of her books… she has you covered there too:) Enjoy this conversation, make manifestation your cardio like Christy.  

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Questioning a better way. Chasing the dream. Manifestation. Letting the career and the passion unfold, in due time.  Breakdown and breakthrough. Following spirit, heart, mind.

Christy Whitman is a New York Times bestselling author and transformational leader. She has appeared on The Today ShowThe Morning ShowTedX, and The Hallmark Channel, and her work has been featured in numerous publications and magazines. Christy teaches the Law of Attraction, energy mastery, and personal development classes, meditations, and private sessions to help clients feel more aligned with the Divine Design of well-being, abundance, and success. She currently lives in sunny Arizona with her husband and two boys. Meet her at www.christywhitman.com.
Christy Whitman (in her own words:)
I’ve been known as the girl who “has it all” among my peers. A multimillion-dollar business, two New York Times best-selling books, two great kids, and to top it all off… a husband I can honestly say I’m still in love with after 12 years.
But that was not always the case. Quite the opposite actually.
I’ve had more than my share of “life” moments that brought me to my knees.
→ In 1998, my sister took her own life.
→ In 2006, after 5 years of marriage, I found myself divorced.
→ After 7 years in a 6-figure corporate job, I found myself feeling empty.
My life had no direction and no meaning. I was just paying the bills and fulfilling my needs and wants.
This is what happiness is supposed to look like, right?
Christy Whitman is an in-demand life coach, motivational speaker, CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching AcademyTM, a 12 month Law of Attraction coaching certification program.

Please listen to ths MP3 for more information about me and our programs:
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Christy started out twelve years ago twenty pounds overweight, sixty-thousand dollars in debt, lonely and unemployed, and renting a room in a tiny house because she couldn’t afford to rent her own apartment.

By changing her thought process, working with the universal laws, and applying the information she now teaches she has completely changed her life. She has attracted and married her dream partner, created her ideal lean and healthy body, developed her own successful career, and has freedom in every area of her life.

She has helped thousands of women and men around the world achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars, speeches, and coaching sessions and products.

Christy is also a bestselling author of Perfect Pictures, and she is changing the way thousands of people apply the Law of Attraction so that they can experience empowerment and greater success for a better life.

Christy’s clients include both men and women that are top ranking sales representatives, senior executives, and successful consultants and entrepreneurs.

Christy’s life-changing message reaches over 65,000 people a month and she has been quoted in Seventeen, Woman’s World, Woman’s Day, Teen Vogue, The Star Ledger, and Knot Magazine. She has also appeared on major CBS affiliates and CN8 cable stations.

She is a featured speaker at the Learning Annex in Manhattan. Meet her at http://www.ChristyWhitman.com and http://www.7EssentialLaws.com which is one of the most visited internet sites on The Law of Attraction.

Specialties: Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Quantum Success Coaching Academy, Law of Attraction, Seven Essential Laws, Perfect Pictures, Mother Daughter Empowerment Summit, The Goddess Weekend

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