101. T&T Creatives: DJ ZENAS

“If music be the food of love, play on.”

William Shakespeare

Another awesome T&T Creatives convo coming at you, please welcome DJ Zenas to the mic! DJ Zenas is a Denver native, now Dallas based DJ, producer, songwriter, and recording artists. I was extra excited for this conversation as he is a connect of a connect- my favorites! DJ Zenas is a longtime friend of (sudo T&T co-host) Ashley Knight. We all grew up near each other and went high schools nearby… I was a little before them #botox:) DJ Zenas shares his love for music and how he found his way into the music business as an all-around creative. We talk about the importance of the art and business balance, leading with the heart and giving back, and also the importance of support… especially early on! The music business has changed greatly and social media has opened up some big doors, allowed for further connection easily, and also taught us all that there is a point of too much. I so appreciate DJ Zenas’ heart, mission, and general positive attitude. Being in the music biz is no joke, if you can chase the dream with a smile, you’re gonna be alright. This is a great convo for any aspiring artists, dreamer, philanthropist, or anyone that has said, “I think I can do this better”. Questioning a better way- WE ARE HERE FOR YOU:)

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Questioning a better way. Chasing the dream. For the love of music. Letting the career and the passion unfold, in due time. The stock marketing and getting you money right. Covering all bases and wearing all hats. Tequila. Social media and social media detox. The kids, the future, the possibilities.


DJ Zenas is much more than just a DJ, he is a jack of all trades. Aside from spinning at many venues across the nation and the globe, he also produces, writes, and performs all of his own music.

Zenas is originally from Denver, CO. He recently moved to Dallas, TX in 2019 to further pursue his music career after linking up with Jon-John Robinson, a well-established R&B producer (with credits including TLC, Jon B, and more), and collaborating with him on multiple projects.

Since moving to Texas, Zenas has also produced several tracks for The Black Sands Soundtrack (a comic series turned animated series) and has continued working on music of his own. That said, Zenas will be releasing a new song on the first Friday of every month. These releases will highlight his many other talents and shift the conversation towards who he is as an artist as opposed to as a DJ.



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