98. Just The Tip

“You may not be able to change a situation, but with humor you can change your attitude about it.”

Allen Klein

20+ years in the service industry and we are going to talk about tips… pro tips & service tricks, life tips, cash tips, lack thereof, and tips for writing/publishing a book! That’s right, I am excited to welcome self-published author and service industry extraordinaire, Tonya Fritch, to the T&T Mic! Tonya has spent years building and growing her skills in her service industry career from hostess to sought after bar tender, she has seen it all. Tonya and I both agree that everyone should be a waiter/waitress at some point in their lives just to gain some human perspective on the service industry. Tonya shares her journey, her humor (it’s needed!), and the crazy, yet appreciated experiences that inspired her book. She shares the human side of the service industry, highlighting the personal interaction that happens at a restaurant or bar and how we often overlook how valued that human interaction should be… that might be the only time you talk or engage with a real live human that entire day (or longer)! Tonya escorts us on her service adventures with quick wit and grounding laughs- she also shares the 411 on how to self-publish! This is an awesome cast for everyone… if you want to wrote a book, eat out, hit bars, or are in the service industry there are relatable messages in this conversation and you will likely change your perspective and your mindset the next time you head out for a meal or a night out! (Pro Tip: be nice and leave a good tip- you’ll be glad you did)

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Just the tip. Breakdowns and breakthroughs. Restaurants, bars, humans. Bodily fluids. The good, the bad, the great. Showing up and being the best person you can be, even when others aren’t doing the same. Self-publishing books. Challenging status quo, chasing your dream career. Work life balance. Turmeric & Tequila!

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