95. Extraordinary Life Purpose

“To live an extraordinary life, you must resist an ordinary approach.”

-Frank McKinney

We have an incredible journey to share with you today! I welcome Liz Cirelli to the T&T mic to share her story of tragedy to triumph, specifically around a traumatic brain injury and having to take things into her own hands to question a better way. Liz graduated college from Colorado State and found herself on the traditional path to what she thought would lead her to complete fulfillment. Liz had a content life, but she knew a spark was missing- any plans that she did have were interrupted by a TBI (traumatic brain injury) that rocked her world. After seeing countless doctors and not being happy with the diagnosis she took over her recovery and started doing her own research. She not only avoided a life of prescriptions and traditional treatments, but she also found her true path to her extraordinary life purpose. Liz is a best-selling author, physiotherapists, life coach, yoga teacher, and Master Level Reiki Practitioner amongst many other things… bottom line Liz’s extraordinary life purpose, to help people. I have no doubt that this conversation will help and inspire and anyone in the thick of things to take charge and question a better way. Thank you for the time and energy, Liz! Your story is truly extraordinary and I know you are just getting started:)

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Questioning a better way. A road to recovery. Western and Eastern medicine. Balance. TBI’s. Community, family, and friends. Self-care and helping others. Road to redemption. Meditation, mediation, and being still. Making moves and realizing all things are on time. Learning to surrender. Faith.

Elizabeth Cirelli

Liz is an entrepreneur and owns and operates Elizabeth Cirelli Holistic Services.  She is a Life Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher, Master Level Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Co-Facilitator/Group Leader and International Best-Selling Author. Before shifting to more holistic practices, she spent 18 years in the mental health field as a Psychotherapist. Her specialties include spiritual growth, anxiety, depression, and trauma.

You can find her at http://www.elizabethcirelli.com/ , via phone 978-710-9598, via email ewoodrow2@yahoo.com or in her private Facebook group: Women supporting Women 

facebook.com/groups/882341589220684 upcoming group: http://www.authenticityimmersion.com

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