94. Generaltional Narrative

“Don’t be afraid to adapt new ingredients into your own techniques, and traditional ingredients into new recipes.”

― Jose Garces

I am SO EXCITED to share this conversation with the world… not only is “generational narrative” usually overlooked or not discussed at all, today I get to welcome 3 varsity humans to the T&T mic that are very similar AND very different from myself… and two of them are blood related to boot! So, we have multiple viewpoints represented on one not-so-talked-about-topic, my favorite conversations! Myself, Ashley Knight (welcome back, again:), Eric Mitchell (Ashley’s Uncle), and Reggie Adam’s (longtime family friend to both Ashley and Eric), run through the formal definition of generational narrative, our own definitions, and how it correlates in our current worlds. Why do we even need to care about generational narrative?… Tune in, we break it down!

We each share our experience with the importance of representation and how it directly coincides with generational narrative. We also discuss how we all work to consciously heighten the awareness and conversation around generational narrative, true self-awareness, and continued self-discovery. Generational narrative can be positive or negative, but the real value is in the awareness of what is authentic to you alongside those narratives, allowing each of us to build our own realities aka updated and progressive generational narratives inviting dialogue, conversation, and unity… cheers world, let’s open our hearts and minds to a little graceful disruption and authentic truths!

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Generational narrative. The importance of representation. Questioning a better way. Core values and authenticity. Entrepreneurship. Tradition and evolution. Mindset and conscious learning. Similarities and differences. White privilege.  The next generation. Golf, modeling, and communication… aka #cardio .


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