89. PodFest Fam Reunion 2021

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” 

-Coretta Scott King

It’s been 1 YEAR since we all met at PodFest 2020 and oh, what a year it has been (T&T Ep. 34)! I am so excited to welcome back Sara McInerney Hauck (Facing Fear podcast), Melissa Goodwin (Girl Gotta Hike podcast), and Vivana Soto (Life Whispers podcast) to the #TurmericAndTequila mic! Little did we know at this time last year we were at the last in person event we’d all be at for a very long time. We were all new to the podcast scene and really didn’t know what to expect for the weekend at PodFest aka welcoming American Idol’s William Hung to the T&T mic, ha. Additionally, and also unknowingly, we were officially uniting as a podcast family, meeting many of the people we would keep in touch with and lean on for all things podcasting in the coming year (and beyond). We met fellow casters, podcast biz owners, niche topic/passion enthusiasts, audio engineers (shout out to resident T&T audio master, Theon Walls), and so many other varsity podcast community members. I hope to one day say (and it’s confirmed), it was the initial gathering of the future podcast gods- under one mission, so help us Joe Rogan. Until then, we shall remain humble in this podcast jungle and enjoy the crap out of the journey! Sara, Melissa, Vivana, and myself, catch up on our podcast successes, failures, and funnies over this past year. We share what we have learned, pro tips, and the joy that casting AND the community has brought to our lives. If you’re jumping into podcasting, are a long-time podcaster, or just a lover of passionate humans, this cast is for you. We don’t know where the casting trails leads, but we know one thing- we have each other… and some tequila:). Cheers to many more #PodFam reunion shows to come!


I did have the incredible opportunity to be a speaker at Podfest 2021 (just a few weeks ago), check out my presentation on GRACEFUL DISRUTION. Can’t wait to be in person with everyone again soon!


Community. Questioning a better way. Passion, entrepreneurs, and dream chasers. Family, team, and the importance of a support system. Passion highs, lows, and burnouts. Fear, hiking, whispers, and tequila… what else could you possibly need?

Facing Fear, Sara McInerney

Facing Fear features individuals who approach fear in the pursuit of living unapologetically authentic lives and defining success on their own terms. Together with the interviewees and host (Sara McInerney Hauck), we are here to bring you raw storytelling and realistic tools to help conquer fear and surpass your goals. @facingfearwithsara

Life Whispers, Viviana Soto

Life Whisper’s founder and podcast host, started hosting when she was in college. Her show Bayoya won numerous awards at Emerson’s WECB station and captured audiences from countries like Venezuela, Puerto Rico and even South Africa. Now, she’s back with different topics to share! @life.whispers

Girl Gotta Hike, Melissa Goodwin

Girl Gotta Hike encourages women of all ages to get away from the grind and connect with the ground – to immerse yourself in nature as an antidote to a busy city-life. It’s your resource for information, encouragement, camaraderie and confidence that will help you reach your own personal summits. From short day hikes near home to multi-day (or months-long) backpacking trips, the Girl Gotta Hike community has your back and will be cheering you on every step of the way. @girlgottahike

Turmeric & Tequila, Kristen Olson

Turmeric & Tequila is a way of being (and now a podcast!), questioning a better way one conversation at a time. Embrace you voice, share your thoughts and break free from ideas of what should be. You can be all things. Embrace the natural brand, disrupt the noise. Reveal the gold that has been there all along. Authentic. Aware. Influential. Innovative. Present. Grateful.  Mission: To inspire positive, radical social evolution.


Podfest Expo is a community of people who are interested in and passionate about sharing their voice and message with the world through the powerful mediums of audio and video. We’re proud to unite as many people as possible to learn, get inspired, and grow better together. 

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