88. The Power Of Investing

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” 

— Benjamin Franklin

C.R.E.A.M… Cash rules everything around me. If you don’t know, now you know! I am excited for this conversation with money pro, Fred Moskowitz! Fred is an author, investment fund manager, and teacher/influencer. Yes, he carries a wealth of knowledge (alongside $$) and shares the good word on creative, out of the box (or just less know) investing styles, including note investing. There is no better time to have your money right or at least refocus and check into options on how to get it right. I wish I would have tapped into these investing conversations in high school to play the financial long game a better, but here we are. Fred is here to share the tips and tricks on how to get financially ahead and more importantly secure so you are truly in control of your life and choices. We of course chat on fitness, lifestyle, and giving back. Fred is a well-rounded, varsity human looking to make the world a better place one investing tip at a time… grab a pen! Thanks Fred, can’t wait to begin to build the note investing empire per your good words (and book:)!!


Financial Freedom. Investing traditional and creative. Questioning a better way. Breakdown breakthrough. Money, morals, and fitness. Giving back and paying it forward. Money, knowledge, power, choice. CrossFit, tequila, and balance.

Fred Moskowitz:

Fred Moskowitz is an author and investment fund manager who is on a personal mission to teach people about the power of investing in alternative asset classes, such as real estate and mortgage notes, showing them the way to diversify their capital into investments that are uncorrelated from Wall Street and the stock markets. In his newest book, titled “The Little Green Book Of Note Investing”, Fred publishes his concise yet definitive guide for new investors seeking to learn about the market niche of investing in residential mortgage notes. He’s a frequent event speaker and contributor to investment podcasts and note industry conferences. 

You can visit him at http://www.FredMoskowitz.com or by texting the word NOTE to 47177, and following the prompts.



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