87. Trial, Error, Balance

Failure is essential. Trial and error is necessary.”

-David Bergen
I am excited to welcome Kristin Jekielek to the T&T mic! Kristin embodies graceful disruption as she shares her journey going from astrophysics degree to entrepreneur when she realized that “people like her” could also break free and do things their own way. Kristin shares that the jump from the corporate world wasn’t entirely her own as her health took a turn and she was unbale to work. Thankfully, she had a few side hustles going on that eventually led to a full-time situation… universe speaks! Even being very dialed in with her health, crossfit, diet , etc., Kristin had to take matters further into her own hands and change the path personally and professionally. This is a great conversation for anyone wondering why they seek change or a better way when they did “all the right things”. Trial, error, and all the juicy failure just might be the arrows pointing you in the right direction to not only professional success, but also true self enlightenment #notforsale. After all, everything is connected- so if the inside is off, so is the outside. Worry not, you can always change your perspective and actions and get back on the path you were always meant to be on. Thanks for an awesome convo, Kristin, keeping crushing and disrupting as you do #cardio!


Questioning a better way. Breakdown, breakthrough. Perspective and doing less. Inner peace = outer success. Health is wealth. Entrepreneurship. Breaking up with the corporate world. Awareness. Self-love. Chasing the dream. Mindset.

Kristin Jekielek:

Kristin Jekielek believes your business needs to create more video. After graduating college with an honors degree in astrophysics, Kristin worked as a software consultant for a Fortune 50 company delivering innovative software technologies. After seeing the power and value of video marketing for her own side hustles, Kristin launched Value Video Marketing to help companies cross “weekly video” off their to do list. 

How is marketing consulting going for you these days?


Kristin Jekielek, Founder

Value Video Marketing



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