86. Perfection

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”

-Salvador Dali
Oh, how I love a conversation around balance… obvi, Turmeric & Tequila:) Today I welcome Shelley Goldstein to the mic and she jumps right in sharing her journey as a true creative battling the idea of perfection. Anyone that creates knows that it comes from a place within, where there is nothing to compare because there is nothing else like it. If that makes sense? However, we are all humans of today’s world, so we find things to compare, even when creatively is incomparable. Human behavior. Comparison is the thief of joy, as we know, AND it’s a constant awareness to pull back and let go of any idea of perfection, aka stop comparing. Shelley shares her experience as a true perfectionist and how it got her to the top of her game, only for her to pull back and lean into full self-acceptance. From the top of the costume industry on Broadway to digital marketing strategist mastery, the real end game was letting go of perfection so true joy could ensue and the real riches of life could fully be experienced. If you are competitive, an entrepreneur, a parent/coach, or anyone looking to start something- this cast is for you. Yes, we want to do all we can to be our best AND we need to embrace the imperfect path that gets us there. Remind me of this… 🙂



Questioning a better way. Perfection. Letting go. Letting go of perfection. Balance, awareness, and becoming a better you. People care less that you do, relax. The button doesn’t matter. Greatness vs. perfection. Success in failure. Listening and not listening. Mindset and flexibility. Letting it happen. Life skills through sports.

Shelley Goldstein

I’m Shelley, nice to meet you! I am a marketer, blogger, quintessential tourist and profoundly curious.

My marketing journey was a happy accident. I was busy following my dream as a costume designer, cutting my teeth on Broadway shows like La Cage Aux Folles42nd Street and national tours for Ringling Bros, Barnum & Bailey Circus. A well-defined identity, combined with technical chops, was the best education in becoming a marketer with an out-of-the-box perspective and start-up mindset.

As a digital marketer and strategist for over 15 years, I’ve helped develop a range of brands and websites for products, services and events. I’m savvy using traditional and non-traditional marketing tactics across paid, earned and owned media, and experienced in both B2B and B2C transactions. I can also ride an elephant and craft some serious millinery.

Maybe that’s reason friends and family encouraged me to write. My unique viewpoint on marketing best practices intertwined with personal discoveries and anecdotes is, as they tell me, amusing and relatable. I also use a lot of commas, suggesting a brief pause.

I welcome you to read and take pause, and share your comments with me.


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