84. Free You Mind (And Body)

“Imagination is the highest form of research.”

-Albert Einstein

The unexpected conversations are my favorite ones… it just feels like it was supposed to happen, so something larger made it happen:) I am very excited to welcome Tiffany Barnes to the T&T mic, this beautiful unplanned convo will have you rethinking your thinking on life and your reaction to the “shit”. Tiffany has deep ethos as someone who has mastered overcoming. Tiffany is an abuse survivor, emancipated at 15, working 3 jobs to take care of herself, she still managed to graduate at the top of her class. Her triumphs did stop there. Tiffany is an author, entrepreneur, and founder of an advocacy group,  S.H.A.R.E, Sharing Hope for the Abused through Resilience and Empowerment, that has grown into a full 503C nonprofit! She is passionate about real estate and helping others share their truth on her podcast, Speak Loud. Tiffany shares her inspiring journey and great words on using the past to help build the future. Take notes and let your perspective shift for the positive.  If Tiffany doesn’t have an excuse to dwell in the shit, neither do we! Thank you, Tiffany, you are truly resilient and powerful, I can’t wait to see what is next for you!


Questioning a better way. Leaving behind the prescribed you and embracing the real you. Letting go of what you should do. Mental and physical wellness. Corporate world to entrepreneurial world. Questioning marriage, monogyny, and psychedelics. The importance of mentorship and leading by example. Life skills through sports. Burning Man.

Jeff Venn:

I’m Jeff Venn, a life architect, business owner, and mentor to young entrepreneurs. 

Many people will tell you where to go, what to do, and how to live, but there’s a higher path and calling inside of you that only you can unearth.​ 

It’s time to stop living by other people’s scripts and expectations for your life and have your own awakening. 

I’ve done this in my own life, taking a forward-thinking, progressive approach to building and running my businesses and how I build and run my days.

Sure, I’ve accomplished a few things on the outside:

  • Founder of Create Studios, a digital marketing agency
  • Founder of c o n v e r g e, a community for young entrepreneurs
  • Former Semi-Pro Surfer
  • Professional Musician
  • Fluent in Spanish

But I’m most proud of my successes on the inside. I’ve escaped the rat race. I’m rich in the things that matter most to me – control over my time, a fulfilling work-life balance, and the opportunity to inspire young entrepreneurs to dream bigger than they ever thought possible.

Life is a giant wheel of progress, improvement, and learning.

Now, let’s get moving.




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