80. Core Values + Business

“The Kaizen Philosophy assumes that our way of life – be it our working life, our social life, or our home life – deserves to be constantly improved.”

-Masaaki Imai

In 2021 the consumer expects more, thank goodness. We want to know who is behind the company, their why, and what they are doing for the world beyond slanging their product and services. Quick KO ethos (why I’m saying what I’m saying): 18+ years in the marketing and branding space, 12+ years of competitive CrossFit, 5 games appearances, and have worked with every major fit biz, apparel, equipment, CPG, etc. company that is out there from startups to the majors. Many laps run on and off the field:)

I came across Element 26 at CrossFit, my Dad introduced me to the grips and I was super impressed. If you CrossFit you know there is more gear than you’ll ever need… you can do more “outfit changes” before a workout than a high-end fashion model starring in a top designer’s show, showcasing an entire season. There are specific accessories for specific exercises and most of it can be useful- actually necessary is another podcast. CrossFit is a marketer’s dream, we buy EVERYTING! That being said If you are training for life aka for the long term, certain functional training tools and gear can greatly supplement the journey and protect your body for the IRL activities. The Founders of Element 26 lead with their core values, making functional training equipment for functional athletes. They’re not only working to upgrade the training tool options on the markets, they are also working to further build community, connecting with their consumers and fans. They provide a wealth of valuable content and are accessible- they are listening!! For consumers out there looking to learn to be more “picky” and vote with their dollar or business owners looking to further highlight their own core values through their business operations, this is the cast for you! Consumers, consciously spend and business owners, intentionally humanize your brand highlighting your own core values wherever possible. People care… and it inspires long-term, positive change!!


Business and core values. Chasing the dream. Balancing a start up with life. Commitment, dedication, chasing your passions. Being a competitor and consumer in the space you work in. Quality, durable gear in the high intensity training space. Cultivating a community and making business moves with the long game in mind. Graceful disruption.

Element 26:

Element 26 believes physical training is the gateway to a healthier and happier life. Our mission is to end training setbacks due to injuries and limitations of the human body. To do this, we provide functional gear to functional athletes so that they can destroy their PR’s, not their body. 

Element 26 was founded by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and US Army Veteran and is a majority Veteran owned and run company. We serve you, our amazing customers first. If you have any questions or problems with any of our gear, please email us at the email address below and we will do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Contact Us: Support@Element26.co

Phil Gauthier:

Received a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Northeastern University in Boston in 2015. Throughout my schooling, I was also doing personal training part time for the general pop. Strength and conditioning is also a passion or mine and I have held several internships in the S&C field: Cressey Sports Performance 2009, UMASS hockey 2009, and Northeastern Basketball 2011. I engaged in competitive powerlifting from 2014-2015. Best comp lift is a deadlift of 550 lbs at BW of 165 lbs. Recently turned to CrossFit shortly after starting Element 26 and have a new passion. I will be doing the Open this Spring and I’m excited! I have been practicing as a full-time outpatient Physical Therapist since 2015 and as of the end of this month (Jan 2021) I will be full time with Element 26. Jason and I started Element 26 in July 2017 and we sold our first belt in September. At E26, my primary role is the brand messenger who maintains and enhances the relationships with our customers and athletes. I do this through email marketing, Instagram content, the private Facebook group, and product development. I truly love to help people succeed whether it’s in the clinic, in the gym, or online. 

 Jason Franciosa:

Originally from East Longmeadow, MA, I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelors of business administration. From there, I commissioned as an Officer in the US Army and served 4 years, stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. After my service I moved to Colombia and helped run a drone business focusing on government contracts, mapping, and agricultural work. After this I founded a software company focused on drone analytics and went through multiple business incubator programs including Stanford’s Ignite program and MIT’s FUSE program. After many mistakes and a ton of learning, Element 26was formed. As the CEO of Element 26 my primary role has been business direction, strategy, and implementation of our goals.


Element 26 Facebook Group: Team E26: Less Ego, More Iron


Online Store: www.element26.co

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