75. Channeling Your Inner Dolly Parton

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”  

-Dolly Parton

The team is in full force today- we have Madonna AND Dolly energy coming to the table. Pack a helmet and a note pad!! I am pumped to welcome Kourtney Thomas, a self-discovery facilitator for women, to the T&T mic. Kourtney has raw, authentic, passion for her clients and business, leading by example and sharing her own trials and tribulations- like her inspirational hero, Dolly Parton. We unpack Kourtney’s journey thus far and how her learnings can be applied come 2021 for us all. We discuss priorities vs. goals, mindset, and how we can do a better job approaching life and what we want out of it, in general. With a new year comes a new mindset, here are some ways, tips, tricks, inspirations, on how you can better prep yourself the blessed year ahead… and everyday starting now:)


Questioning a better way. Breakdown, breakthrough. Dolly Parton. Cats, dogs, and being human first. Business and not needing to scale. Priorities and knowing what your “enough” is. Self-care, mindset, mind shift. Being your own authentic brand, no matter what. Balance and approach. 

Kourtney Thomas:

Kourtney Thomas is on a mission to help women find their own inner Dolly Parton. Through guided self-discovery work and coaching, she helps women see themselves so they can trust themselves in every choice they make for their bodies, lives, and businesses. On the daily, everyone needs the blunt (but kind) reminder that the only “right” way to do something is the way that works for YOU. With her background in fitness and life coaching, Kourtney has a gift for understanding all kinds of people, building instant rapport, and saying what she means without being mean. She helps women cut through the fluff to the conversations that matter. There aren’t confetti cannons around here, but there’s a whole lot of grit and growth. When she’s not coaching, Kourtney enjoys bicep curls and hiking fueled by cake in Denver, CO, where she lives with her husband, dog, and two cats.




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