68. Tangible Positive Energy

“To feel another’s life force as powerfully as one’s own, that is love.” 

― Marty Rubin

If you need an inspirational boost, press play on this one! I am extremely excited to welcome Pratiti Pathak to the T&T mic, Pratiti is a Real Estate professional, business coach, business owner, entrepreneur, and one of the most positive people I have met in life thus far. Pratiti has some real-life experience under her belt at this point, so the ability for her positively to shine and be shared so freely is no small feat. She grew up amongst few other Indian children and experienced bullying, she married and divorced, had one son, and lost him in a tragic accident. Her mission to connect with people and share her bright light and positive outlook is her gift. She coaching others on shifting their thoughts and in turn helping them make some of the biggest business and personal decisions in their life. 2020 has been a tough one, but when you hear people like Pratiti Pathak speak and feel the positive energy, attitude, and outlook- you dust off the dirt and get your mind right for a new day. Enjoy this one, THANK YOU Pratiti, from me and everyone else that is blessed to cross paths with you. Cheers!



Questioning a better way. Change your mind, change your life. The power of choice. Sharing positive energy and being part of the solution. Overcoming adversity, loss, and finding the silver lining. Turmeric and tequila. Resilience. Blessings and quality or quantity. 

Run Time: 43:23

Pratiti Pathak:

Pratiti Pathak is a Real Estate Professional with Keller Williams, Business Coach and Founder/ Owner of “Results by Design”, a 5 Step coaching program that could Change Your Business and Your Life! Her passion has always been connecting with people, building relationships and helping others grow. Pratiti’s ability to connect with others instantly on such a deep and intimate level comes sharing how she’s gone through life’s challenges. Growing up in America on the outside & living in a strict culture on the inside! Always challenging herself to pivot and shift while trying to stay true to herself. Pratiti’s mission is to share. It’s not about the negative experiences that we go through in our lives – it’s what we learn, how we grow and evolve into the best versions of ourselves through those experiences. How learning and growing from our experiences only come from consciously choosing our thoughts to create our emotions from which we take action to create the results we want in our lives. We all have a story about our lives that cover all positive and negative experiences that we’ve gone through in our personal life, in our business and through our relationships. Every action, inaction or re-action we take is to either experience a good feeling or avoid a bad feeling. Create your Results by Design and Not by Default! Live your Life with Intention!

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