65. Lifestyle By Design

“We all have two choices: we can make a living or we can design a life.”

-Jim Rohn

Designing the life you want, it is possible! Today I welcome Justin Balunsat to Turmeric & Tequila. Justin is an entrepreneur, investor, fellow podcaster, and someone who has overcome addiction. On this cast we discuss trials, tribulations, and the conscious choices we need to make to design the lives we actually want. Justin hails from the hotel industry and was climbing the corporate ladder until he realized he wasn’t living his own life. Justin shares his breakdown, breakthrough, and how he took charge of his health, life, and destiny. I believe in second chances and it’s never too late to make a positive change. This cast is for anyone looking to live authentically by their own rules, in chase of their own dreams. I truly champion anyone that has been able to conquer addiction and change their life for the better, truly varsity human beings committed to a life long journey. Thank you, Justin, for this conversation and your willingness to share the journey and pro tips alike! 


Questioning a better way. Addiction, sobriety, change, and evolution. Business, entrepreneurships, investing, and mindset. Choices and conscious living. Knowing you can do what you want to do and doing it. Graceful disruption.

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The Alcoholic Entrepreneur 

AE Podcast explores what it takes to be successful in sobriety and in business. 



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