64. Freedom Finders

“May we think of freedom not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.” 

– Peter Marshall

This one is for my dream chasers! I had the pleasure of welcoming Devin Scott, Co- Founder of Freedom Finders, a DIALY broadcast inviting you to join them on their journey to Freedom. Transforming your “BROKE” mindsets to “GROWTH” mindsets by taking consistent daily action. There are 3 Main Focuses: 1) Finances 2) Quality of Life 3) Personal + Youth + Community Development. Devin is an entrepreneur, investor, salesman, and all-around hard worker. We discuss the importance of morning rituals, investment opportunity in the mobile home real estate market, and his journey from athletics, to sales, to a big-time firm… keeping his grounded mindset at the forefront of his mission. This is Devin’s first ever cast and he even brings along a special guest, his finance’s pet bird… we officially have a live audience at T&T:). Keep an eye on Devin and Freedom Finders, I can’t wait to see what they get into next. It’s a phenomenal group of varsity humans questioning a better way. 


Questioning a better way. The power of community, mindset, and responsibility. Investing, sales, and the skills learned along the way. Get your mind right, get your life right. Life skills through sports. Morning rituals and daily behaviors. How do successful people think? We suggest books, readings, and other practices to get you into the millionaire mindset.

Devin Scott

Devin is currently an Account Executive at P&G and graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in exercise science. He worked his way up from door to door sales to the corporate position he is in today. Devin is a longtime athlete (football) and competitor on and off the court. He has strong beliefs in supporting the community around him, his family, and continuing to evolve himself. Check out Freedom Finders on Facebook, get a daily dose of inspiration!

IG: d_scott11

Facebook: Devin Darnell Scott

Freedom Finders

We invite you to join us on our journey to Freedom. Transforming our “BROKE” mindsets to “GROWTH” mindsets by taking consistent daily action. 3 Main Focuses: 1) Finances 2) Quality of Life 3) Personal + Youth + Community Development

IG: Freedomfinders317

Facebook: Freedomfinders317

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