61. Elevate Your Spark

“I am so happy and grateful now that I realize that I have the time to accomplish everything I want to accomplish in my day.” 

That is the affirmation that Donna gave me mid cast to elevate my spark… and it’s working:)! I am pumped to welcome Donna Deteau to the T&T mic, she is a connect from one of my fave former Grandview High School laxers, Maddie, also a T&T guest herself (Ep. 17)- you know I love connects of connects! This is an awesome cast, packed full of things you can do right now to elevate your spark, dial in your goals, and sharpen your edge. Get the mind right and universe, body, and the people you keep around you will follow. Donna lays down some small, but powerful skills you can practice on the daily without over committing to a major routine. If you are an athlete looking to elevate your game, a business person looking to make more money and see the opportunity in front of you, or if your someone looking to better your communication and relationships with people (and yourself)- this one is for you. We discuss goal setting, life skills, mindset, and the power of affirmations. We are what we think. Take notes on this one and follow up with Donna accordingly if you want to go further- I highly recommend it! Change your mind, change your life!


Mindset and the power of thoughts. Elevating your spark, on all levels. Practical skills you can do right now to dial in your thinking. Affirmations and goals. Intentions and knowing one’s self. Community and conscious awareness. Communication and relationships. Making money and being ok with abundance. Believing that anything is possible. 

Donna Deteau

Donna was born in Texas but at the age of 8, when she and her family visited Colorado for the first time, she realized that Colorado was her “heart home.” Every day, she expresses deep gratitude to be able to live in the physical place of her heart home.

Donna spent 1/3 of her life in corporate America, 1/3 in nonprofits and 1/3 as an entrepreneur. She founded 2 other successful businesses before she became a Success Building Coach: a catering biz and a renovation biz.

She shared with me that when she was catering, she thought, “this is my purpose…to make events, parties and holidays easier and worry-free for others”. Then, when she was renovating, she thought “this is my purpose in life…to design and create living spaces for people who want a better home but don’t know how to go about creating it”.

But it was when she began coaching that she experienced true passion, jumping out of bed every single day so excited for the day to begin. She told me “I am so grateful that coaching others found me because now I’m in service to others every day of my life. My clients get the tools to understand who they really are — their true, authentic selves. And they get the tools to get exactly what they want, whether that be earn enough to retire early, purchase and live in their dream home, create a relationship and/or family, travel the world 6 months out of the year, or simply earn a 7-figure income.”

“Coaching”, she says, “is the life that I was born to do.”

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Donna Deteau

Elevate Your Spark!



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