58. Young Entrepreneurship

Young aspiring entrepreneurs, this cast is for you! This is the second cast of Podmax Live round 2 and we are focusing on money, investing, and business- from the young person’s perspective. I welcome Trevor Oldham on to the T&T mic to share his business journey 23 years in the making… yes, he is just 23 and has started several businesses, is thriving in his current one, Podcasting You, and is now a published author! Trevor shares his successes and failures, from product reselling, to knock offs (by accident!), to deep importance of customer service. It is so inspiring to see a young person chase their dreams early AND do it with integrity at the forefront of the mission. It’s not all about money, it’s about people and the way you treat them. There are some great biz tips and tricks in here and if you’re just looking to try something out small and a new entrepreneur, you just might be able to repeat some of Trevor’s initial steps- grab a note pad. We cover the startup, influencer marketing, and everything in-between! Great work, Trevor, can’t wait to see what is next for you! Cheers!!


Entrepreneurship at a young age, high school, college, post college. Business failures and successes. How to get a business started. The importance of people and customer service. Influencer marketing, reselling, and lessons learned hard. From making $7/hour to starting a business and making much, much more… questioning a better way. 

Trevor Oldham, Founder of Podcasting You

As the founder of Podcasting You, I understand that it can be difficult to reach your audience in a noisy world.

That’s why I started Podcasting You in 2017 from my dorm room after seeing the first-hand results from being a podcast guest and being able to speak directly to my ideal audience on a 1-on-1 format.

I knew that there were successful individuals whom the world needed to know about and hear from, but haven’t had the chance to share their story.

Through being an expert podcast guest, we give our clients the opportunity to directly speak to their ideal audience and share their story and expertise which leads to increase leads, attracting new customers, and growing their brand. If you are looking to have us Podcast You, please apply here

Podcasting You is a done for you podcast booking agency that enables six and seven-figure individuals to speak to their ideal audience to increase leads, attract new customers, and grow their brand.

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