56. Conscious Living & Continuous Learning

Conscious living and continuous learning… the process never really ends! Today I welcome Dr. Lindsey Elmore to T&T and we touch on just about everything as Lindsey has a plethora of knowledge and a deeply diverse set of life experiences. Business, nutrition, marketing, injury, yoga, personal growth, and of course breakdowns and breakthroughs! Lindsey shares her journey with equal parts vulnerability and confidence, knowing that one doesn’t grow without the other. She shares that an early life eating disorder fed the need for attention and a later in life knee injury (torn ACL, just like me… and my pup Kleo:) fostered clarity in that need for attention and what it really meant to me sick/injured. The ACL injury also opened her up to a whole new world natural remedies, treatments, essential oils- all while being a pharmacist. Lindsey was feeling the juxtaposition of the Turmeric & Tequila life early on… I identified strongly (excerpt for the “being a doctor” part, ha). Lindsey is a published author and fellow podcaster, speaking in over 30 countries and leading her marketing business as strong and continuously learning entrepreneur. This is a great cast for anyone learning to embrace their imperfections, “failures”, and for all of us that are still learning on so many levels. Learn from Lindsey’s journey and please be inspired to share yours as you never know who it could help! 

“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.”

– Charles R. Swindoll


That Turmeric & Tequila life: being all things and embracing our competitive edges (aka differences). Casting a vision/ Graceful Disruption™. Self-awareness, improvement, and acceptance. Marketing and branding. Nutrition, dairy, and inflammation. Business and great quotes. Breakdowns, breakthroughs. Evolution and helping streamline someone else’s process. 

Dr. Lindsey Elmore

Dr. Lindsey Elmore is a pharmacist, natural wellness expert, vegan cook, yogi, podcast host, and business strategy coach. Originally from Birmingham, AL, Dr. Elmore obtained an undergraduate degree in chemistry from the University of Alabama, Birmingham and a doctorate in pharmacy from the University of California San Francisco. She completed her first-year post-doctoral residency in pharmacy practice at Princeton Baptist Medical Center in Birmingham, AL and her second-year specialty residency in ambulatory care at New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, NC.  She is a Board-Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist and licensed to practice in three states.  

Through her own personal challenges, Dr. Elmore discovered Chinese medicine, herbal medicines, supplement, vitamins and mineral, chiropractic care, and yoga and meditation and this started her on a natural wellness journey. Her whole world turned upside down when she discovered essential oils. She has spent years applying the knowledge of a pharmacist to the practice of essential oil usage. She founded the YL Education Club to teach others about the power of essential oils in their daily life, as well as how to avoid side effects and drug interactions when using them. 

Dr. Elmore is a speaker, author, and world-renowned wellness expert.  She translates complicated science into understandable stories, and travels the world educating audiences about natural wellness.  Dr. Elmore has spoken to audiences on five continents and more than 35 countries.  Her educational materials have been translated into more than 25 languages. Dr. Elmore reaches millions on social media. Her Facebook content reaches more than 85 countries, and more than 15 million minutes of education have been watched on Facebook alone. 

She is the author of Essentials: 75 Answers to Common Questions about Essential Oils and Supplements, and the Clean Slate Cleanse Cookbook and Workbook series. She is published in a wide variety of pharmacy and medical journals, and has been quoted in Healthline, Bustle, Elite Daily, Reader’s Digest, Yahoo News, Parade, MSN, Brit + Co, Business Insider and more. She has been featured on news segments on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, CW, and the Daily Buzz. 

Dr. Elmore is the founder of Rasayana Yoga, a Certified 250-hour vinyasa, yin, and Aroma Yoga® Instructor, an Aroma Freedom practitioner, and the creator of the Clean Slate Cleanse, a gluten free, vegan food course.  She is the founder of Brand Strategies Lab, a business strategy company for both entrepreneurs and companies where she helps create greater clarity in messaging and attracts more of the right customers. Her podcast, The Lindsey Elmore Show, combines all of her diverse learning into one overarching concept of health. She interviews doctors, spiritual gurus, entrepreneurs and game changers. 




Her gluten-free, vegan foodstagram can be found @cleanslatecleanse on Instagram and @thecleanslatecleanse on Facebook, and www.cleanslatecleanse.com online. 

Her business coaching can be found at @brandstrategieslab on Instagram and www.lindseyelmore.com/bsl. She also has an adorable calico kitten @notthepuppy on Instagram.

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