51. Open Mic: Sarah Hipps

Open Mic #4!! Today we welcome Sarah Hipps back to T&T to discuss race, the world right now, and the power in showing up. Sarah is an incredible fitness and mental wellness advocate and knows how much a certain environment can impact one’s health- physically and mentally. Sarah shares her journey as a person of color in this world thus far and highlights ideas of shaking up our own realities and realizing a degree of brainwashing has occurred. We can justify things if the history books say so right? No. Reality is nothing more than applied meaning, OG philosophy, as I always say. We (my fellow white folks) need to question what realities we currently subscribe to and be open to shifting them greatly. We discuss specific examples on how things have been “marketed” a certain way (#propaganda) and how we have been fed certain “truths”. We cover privilege, colorism, ageism, the difference between a white person’s experience in certain situations vs. a black person’s, and businesses working to do things the right way with inclusivity, diversity, and equality at the forefront of the conversation. In the meantime- work hard to show up, do your homework, research, and keep the heart and mind open. Great, in-depth and enlightening perspective is provided- thank you Sarah, appreciate you and I can’t wait to see what is next for you!!


Sarah A. Hipps

Hello! I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Behavioral Change Specialist who facilitates clients to be their best selves. I received a Division 1 volleyball scholarship to George Mason University and after moving to Denver, CO, it became my mission to not only pursue my goals, but to use everything I’ve learned and lived through to help others see their best selves through. 

My focus is about the entire you.  The mental, emotional, and physical health all need to be present for you to truly feel fulfilled.  Speaking about mental health, growth, and fulfillment are my passions and I love helping people seek those by being a more dedicated person to their health.

Sarah’s Coming Events:

·  TBA (SOON) Self-defense session with Vital Proteins at Apex Combat Center

·  March 21st, Adidas Denver Fit Squad session on March 21st

·  April, restorative session at Modern Acupuncture Belmar.

Check out Sarah’s IG and site for event details! @sahipps and www.sahipps.com

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