50. Open Mic: Chloe Barnes

Open Mic #3! This time Chloe Barnes joins us- she is a great friend, entrepreneur, speaker, biz leader, and so many more things, but most importantly MISSION DRIVEN. Don’t be surprised if you here her name again soon. Chloe has an incredible story/upbringing and even more notable work ethic. I was pumped to sit down at talk with her (again!) about her journey thus far and her perspective on the world right now. We specifically address “Anti: Racism: Fixed to Growth mindset” (see graphic). We discuss how important it is to switch and open your mind, be proactive, and really listen (to my white peeps). We also specifically address the comment of “I don’t see color”. This is an important statement, listen in as Chloe shares a personal story on why seeing color and acknowledging is critical. Cheers to evolution… let’s keep the needle of change moving in the right direction. Please check out Chloe’s page and all the wonderful resources she shares regarding race and antiracism,  in addition to all of her entrepreneurial and professional pursuits!


Chloe Barnes is a Chicago grown and New York known former Division I Women’s Basketball player turned social entrepreneur, community builder, writer, speaker and advocate whose world crashed when she was forced to retire from basketball prematurely due to injury. Determined to prevent other athletes from feeling the confusion that she felt after it was time to leave the game behind; Barnes decided to start her first company, Chicago Tribune Big Idea Award Winning, Elle Grace Consulting, LLC a sports consulting agency that was dedicated to helping high school and college athletes thrive in life post sports.

Barnes led her company successfully for three years before she decided that it was time to pivot and embark on a new journey. Determined to impact young professionals not just in Chicago, but around the world, Barnes moved to New York City where she relentlessly pursued her purpose (helping athletes navigate the “What’s Next?” phase post sport) and her passions (using social platforms to build community through storytelling and inspiring civic action and professional empowerment through education) to co-found The Prolific Company. A social-impact organization that connects former athletes to meaningful careers post sport. 

Barnes’ entrepreneurial work has led her to be named one of Chicago Urban League’s nextSTARTUP participants, one of the country’s “Top Sports Professionals” by Front Office Sports, and one of the youngest professionals to hold national leadership positions at organizations like the National Association of Academic and Student-Athlete Development Professionals and Women Leaders in College Sports. 

When she isn’t working, Barnes is active in her community and serves as a fearless advocate for the rights and opportunities of athletes, women and girls around the world.


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