45. Why Aren’t You married?

“Why aren’t you married”, “why aren’t you wife’d up yet”, “you’re such a catch tho”… smiling, #smh 🙂 It’s 2020 and these questions are still flowing like wine… and/or tequila. It’s understandable though, we live in a pop culture, multimedia inspired world having consumed millions of messages daily on how life should be once we “grow up”. Go to high school, go to college, get a job, get married, have kids. That’s the recipe, welcome to the American Dream, sponsored by major multibillion-dollar corporation (flip over that Hallmark card for logo’d proof). I know this for a fact as I am a branding and marketing professional and quite literally stated this cast to start shedding the light on some truths AND humans that are challenging status quo- not because it’s wrong, but because it’s not their truths and the idea of living the way you actually want to, is actually a thing. 

Take a load of potential prince suitors, no rescuing needed here. We CAN do CrossFit together however, so stay ready. On this cast, dating expert (I labeled her that, remember branding pro here:) and Founder/Creator of You’re Such A Catch Podcast, Erin Ramsey, and I discuss being single over thirty, dating tales, and how we explain to the world why we are still single/living our dream. Surly there must be something wrong- did we mess of the recipe above? Naa, universe, God, Madonna in charge here… all things in due time. If you are in a similar boat, male or female, and happy where you are at or en route to the goal, but have a hard time explaining to the world why you are not doing something you are supposed to be doing, this cast is for you. #stopexplaning . All things start with selflove, but it takes years (at least for us) to fully comprehend one of the truest clichés. Turns out your core values matter and your intuition aka gut might be the best judge of all… follow and listen to both accordingly. We can save you years of bad breakups, keeping the path clear for the human that compliments you, not completes you… if that’s what you actually want. 


Questioning a better way. Standing out vs. fitting in. The cost of following the leaders vs. following your heart. Being single and seeking the one. Bad dates, good dates, and terrible dates. Bff’s and the support team, when it’s good and too much. Taking time to get to know yourself so you can recruit the right team. Career goals and balance. Breaking up stereo types and being aware of self-talk. Enjoying life not by the book. Doing the work now so the reward is later. Trusting yourself. 

Erin Ramsey

Founder and Creator of You’re Such a Catch Podcast

If she had a dollar for every time she was told, “You’re Such A Catch,” she’d be making it rain, but rather than cashing in singles, she’s putting a check next to the word single as it relates to her relationship status.  Follow along every Tuesday for a diary-esque view into Erin’s life as she navigates the rough seas of dating in L.A. shared on her podcast, You’re Such A Catch. 



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