43. Competing On And Off The Field

“We are all in sales.”

-Jeff Olson

Competing on and off the field- who knew all those life AND business skills we were learning while competing when we were young! Today I sit down with Jeff Olson, Olympian, businessman, professional speaker, and so much more. We discuss all things marketing, branding, and monetizing your passions the right way- sports, wellness, and everything in between. We breakdown steps on how to correctly identify your goals, brand, and ideal potential partnerships. We discuss the difference between micro and macro influencers, good and services, and how not to be a broke influencer:). Create leverage- the right way. It’s all about relationships and supplying the body, mind, and soul with the right fuel. Remain curious and go after what you want. There is no better time than now to question a better way and start living the life you want to, your way. 


Olympics. Business. Sport. Sales. Curiosity saving the cat. Fueling the mind, body, and soul. Lessons from our youth paying off as adults. Good and services monetizing your brand. Questioning a better way. Navigating sponsorships and building the right team. 

Jeff Olson, RLT

FAITH: Yep. FAMILY: Married with 3 daughters (Denver, CO). WORK: Co-founder of several businesses. CAREER: SPORTS. MONEY. TECH. HEALTH. STARTUPS… I was transport for testosterone in my twenties and thirties. Overtraining ended my professional athletic career. Ambition drove me to Wall Street. Desire, to win fast, sucked me into technology. I made money, lost money, and built character. I was humbled in great ways. My father’s health became a transformative career journey. Life, liberty, and your pursuits need a vehicle that is built to last and the treasure hunt is to find yours. I count my blessing daily and work to pay it forward. #OwnIt  #BetterTogether #BeABlessing  Professional athletics taught me about ownership, fear, and joy. Coaching taught me about connection, influence, and character.  Financial career taught me about money, meaning, and abundance.  Tech career taught me about thinking different, breakthroughs, and being effective. Our Agency teaches me people are fascinating, better together, and want to thrive.  Partnering with people gifts me with patience & perspective, culture & contribution, success & fulfillment.



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