46. Healing And Mental Wealth: EMDR

I had the pleasure of partaking in the PodMax Live 2020: PodMAX, in its original format, is a one day in-person/live event where entrepreneurs have the chance to record as a guest and be interviewed on top podcast shows in their industry. NOW: it’s time for PodMAX Global: the ONLINE PodMAX experience from On Air Brands! BeContinue reading “46. Healing And Mental Wealth: EMDR”

45. Why Aren’t You married?

“Why aren’t you married”, “why aren’t you wife’d up yet”, “you’re such a catch tho”… smiling, #smh 🙂 It’s 2020 and these questions are still flowing like wine… and/or tequila. It’s understandable though, we live in a pop culture, multimedia inspired world having consumed millions of messages daily on how life should be once weContinue reading “45. Why Aren’t You married?”

44. Entering and Exiting Pharmaceuticals

 We are further diving into nutrition/wellness AND business here! I sit down with 3 awesome ladies who were all long-time athletes turned pharmaceutical reps turned entrepreneurs. They share their journeys into the pharma world, their experience in it, why they got out, and how the whole process inspired them to do what they do now-Continue reading “44. Entering and Exiting Pharmaceuticals”

43. Competing On And Off The Field

“We are all in sales.” -Jeff Olson Competing on and off the field- who knew all those life AND business skills we were learning while competing when we were young! Today I sit down with Jeff Olson, Olympian, businessman, professional speaker, and so much more. We discuss all things marketing, branding, and monetizing your passionsContinue reading “43. Competing On And Off The Field”