46. Healing And Mental Wealth: EMDR

I had the pleasure of partaking in the PodMax Live 2020:

PodMAX, in its original format, is a one day in-person/live event where entrepreneurs have the chance to record as a guest and be interviewed on top podcast shows in their industry. NOW: it’s time for PodMAX Global: the ONLINE PodMAX experience from On Air Brands! Be part of the same high-vibe, high-energy experience we’ve perfected… Now ONLINE and VIRTUAL for entrepreneurs across the globe!

It was an incredible day aligning podcasters and entrepreneurs, inventors, and varsity humans across the board to converse. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was cooler than any expectation if did have. I was fortune to have 3 very different casts all in one day covering a verity of topics. Robert and I had an awesome conversation around EMDR- a very forward-thinking approach to human optimization, if you will. EMDR is fully explained in the cast, but is a newer approach to optimizing your life experience and mental wealth. Faster than talk therapy and perhaps more effective? I won’t say too much more, but when I heard Robert compare generation wealth to generational mental health, I knew the conversation was more than needed. We are all human, including our parents, coaches, and mentors…. We need to unpack and let go accordingly. I can’t wait to cast with Robert again as the mental health convo is goring (thank goodness) and is long overdue. He is ahead of the game, no pun intended☺.


Mental health, mental wealth. Talk therapy vs. EMDR. What is EMDR? Why EMDR? Me, my family, my experience, and I. It’s all relative. Questioning a better way. Years of self-improvement vs. months, days or hours. Why improve? Is how I feel ok? What can I do to change, for the long term? Addiction, self-loathing, life. Unity in humanity. Resolution. Solution. Evolution. 

Robert A. Grigore

MCP, RCC is a World-Class Mental Health Expert.

He is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Certified EMDR Therapist & Approved EMDR Consultant, Published EMDR Author, and the Owner & CEO of Grigore Counselling.

Robert has dedicated his practice to helping executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, celebrity talent, as well as their families to eliminate their pain and repair the foundations of their most cherished relationships. Robert’s professional mission is to give you and your loved ones the one thing that money cannot buy: time. Now is the time to repair your relationships.

Now is the time to heal from your past.

Now is the time to invest in your legacy.

Grigore Counseling

We believe in making the impossible possible.

We believe therapy should be the most important investment one makes in their lifetime, and it should have a clear beginning and end date. 

​We do everything in our power to ensure that all our clients receive special care that is sensitive to their unique needs and circumstances.

​We believe that time is our most precious resource. As such, we are dedicated to giving you and your loved ones as much time as possible in your highest, most ExtraOrdinary states. 



45. Why Aren’t You married?

“Why aren’t you married”, “why aren’t you wife’d up yet”, “you’re such a catch tho”… smiling, #smh 🙂 It’s 2020 and these questions are still flowing like wine… and/or tequila. It’s understandable though, we live in a pop culture, multimedia inspired world having consumed millions of messages daily on how life should be once we “grow up”. Go to high school, go to college, get a job, get married, have kids. That’s the recipe, welcome to the American Dream, sponsored by major multibillion-dollar corporation (flip over that Hallmark card for logo’d proof). I know this for a fact as I am a branding and marketing professional and quite literally stated this cast to start shedding the light on some truths AND humans that are challenging status quo- not because it’s wrong, but because it’s not their truths and the idea of living the way you actually want to, is actually a thing. 

Take a load of potential prince suitors, no rescuing needed here. We CAN do CrossFit together however, so stay ready. On this cast, dating expert (I labeled her that, remember branding pro here:) and Founder/Creator of You’re Such A Catch Podcast, Erin Ramsey, and I discuss being single over thirty, dating tales, and how we explain to the world why we are still single/living our dream. Surly there must be something wrong- did we mess of the recipe above? Naa, universe, God, Madonna in charge here… all things in due time. If you are in a similar boat, male or female, and happy where you are at or en route to the goal, but have a hard time explaining to the world why you are not doing something you are supposed to be doing, this cast is for you. #stopexplaning . All things start with selflove, but it takes years (at least for us) to fully comprehend one of the truest clichés. Turns out your core values matter and your intuition aka gut might be the best judge of all… follow and listen to both accordingly. We can save you years of bad breakups, keeping the path clear for the human that compliments you, not completes you… if that’s what you actually want. 


Questioning a better way. Standing out vs. fitting in. The cost of following the leaders vs. following your heart. Being single and seeking the one. Bad dates, good dates, and terrible dates. Bff’s and the support team, when it’s good and too much. Taking time to get to know yourself so you can recruit the right team. Career goals and balance. Breaking up stereo types and being aware of self-talk. Enjoying life not by the book. Doing the work now so the reward is later. Trusting yourself. 

Erin Ramsey

Founder and Creator of You’re Such a Catch Podcast

If she had a dollar for every time she was told, “You’re Such A Catch,” she’d be making it rain, but rather than cashing in singles, she’s putting a check next to the word single as it relates to her relationship status.  Follow along every Tuesday for a diary-esque view into Erin’s life as she navigates the rough seas of dating in L.A. shared on her podcast, You’re Such A Catch. 



44. Entering and Exiting Pharmaceuticals

 We are further diving into nutrition/wellness AND business here! I sit down with 3 awesome ladies who were all long-time athletes turned pharmaceutical reps turned entrepreneurs. They share their journeys into the pharma world, their experience in it, why they got out, and how the whole process inspired them to do what they do now- help people! If you see the glam life of a pharma rep and wonder if it’s true (the clothes, the cars, the money), it is, to a degree. What is not as easily seen is the daily grind, which ends up being not that glamorous and that’s not to mention the process of questioning what you are actually selling. These 3 ladies keep it real discussing prevention vs. prescription, food vs. medicine, and questioning a better way in general. At this point MOST of us know there is no quick fix, it’s a lifelong, daily decision to live well. We, the people, are in charge of our health, we are the ones responsible. That being said, there is SO much to know, incredible marketing companies with endless budgets (for better and worse) and doctors that only have so much power, find your “healthy advisor team” (doctors, nutritionists, coaches, athletes, enthusiasts, etc.) and keep them close. This is an ongoing conversation. 🙂


Prevention vs. prescriptions, questioning a better way. Generational lifestyles. Food as fuel. Responsibility and seeking the truth. Pharma reps and their real experience, drug dealers? 

Jen Stiffler is a Southern California native, D1 scholarship athlete, coach’s wife, Mom to three, CHD warrior advocate. A recovering pharmaceutical rep of 10+ years turned whole food advocate. Founder and CEO of FREEasaMOTHER, where she loves helping Mama’s not just survive but thrive in Motherhood and business.  Jen loves helping women create a life of abundance and joy through health and wealth. She enjoys working out, live music, supporting her husband’s team, making memories with her three kids and coaching people to love, live and serve bigger.  She’ll share her transformative story from skeptic to all in and how she broke her golden handcuffs in order to be a fully present mother. Also, her journey through two children born with undiagnosed heart defects and how it led her to fix her heart and create a life that prioritized her families hopes and dreams not her employers. @Iamfreeasamother

Stephanie Gits is a mom of two beautiful girls Ages 12 and 10 and married to her husband Clayton Gits. Stephanie partnered with the Juice Plus company and reached the top level of the company within 3 years of starting.  She is a 100 Club Presidential National Marketing director.  She was nominated as 12 Club member of the year at the 2016 Elton Awards, she won 24 Club member of the year at the 2017 Elton Awards, and she was nominated for 39 club of the year at the 2018 Elton’s.  She has completely embraced the mission to inspire healthy living and is passionate about helping others reach THEIR goals.  She loves helping people recognize and achieve one’s fullest potential so that they can be the BEST version of themselves! @helpingmammasbehappy

Jennifer Saval is a 39 Club Executive Marketing Director. She was awarded 12 Club Rookie of the Year Elton Award winner in 2017 (her very first Elton’s). She was nominated for the Elton for 12 Club of the Year in 2018. And in 2019 she won the 24 Club of the Year Elton. She earned National Marketing Director in just over two years and is raising up incredible leaders, including her first National Marketing Director. Jennifer is retired from a successful career in corporate America and for the last 10 years has been a stay-at-home mom with her husband, Ben and two boys, Sutton and Luke.  She was Captain of her collegiate field hockey team, top tier in her pharmaceutical sales force and a successful Realtor but none of it compares to the passion and purpose she experiences helping others live healthier, stronger lives. Jennifer’s Juice Plus+ business has created an a five-figure a month income stream that gives her family choices and the option to say “yes” to live life fuller and bigger. She is dreaming again and enjoying helping others fulfill their dreams too. @projectdreamomma 

43. Competing On And Off The Field

“We are all in sales.”

-Jeff Olson

Competing on and off the field- who knew all those life AND business skills we were learning while competing when we were young! Today I sit down with Jeff Olson, Olympian, businessman, professional speaker, and so much more. We discuss all things marketing, branding, and monetizing your passions the right way- sports, wellness, and everything in between. We breakdown steps on how to correctly identify your goals, brand, and ideal potential partnerships. We discuss the difference between micro and macro influencers, good and services, and how not to be a broke influencer:). Create leverage- the right way. It’s all about relationships and supplying the body, mind, and soul with the right fuel. Remain curious and go after what you want. There is no better time than now to question a better way and start living the life you want to, your way. 


Olympics. Business. Sport. Sales. Curiosity saving the cat. Fueling the mind, body, and soul. Lessons from our youth paying off as adults. Good and services monetizing your brand. Questioning a better way. Navigating sponsorships and building the right team. 

Jeff Olson, RLT

FAITH: Yep. FAMILY: Married with 3 daughters (Denver, CO). WORK: Co-founder of several businesses. CAREER: SPORTS. MONEY. TECH. HEALTH. STARTUPS… I was transport for testosterone in my twenties and thirties. Overtraining ended my professional athletic career. Ambition drove me to Wall Street. Desire, to win fast, sucked me into technology. I made money, lost money, and built character. I was humbled in great ways. My father’s health became a transformative career journey. Life, liberty, and your pursuits need a vehicle that is built to last and the treasure hunt is to find yours. I count my blessing daily and work to pay it forward. #OwnIt  #BetterTogether #BeABlessing  Professional athletics taught me about ownership, fear, and joy. Coaching taught me about connection, influence, and character.  Financial career taught me about money, meaning, and abundance.  Tech career taught me about thinking different, breakthroughs, and being effective. Our Agency teaches me people are fascinating, better together, and want to thrive.  Partnering with people gifts me with patience & perspective, culture & contribution, success & fulfillment.