41. Hot Cup #2

It’s another HOT ONE! Yup, Hot Cup #2… no idea what to expect on these other than sipping some fine libations over some wild laughs. Ashley joins me once again to cover some crazy questions about life, reality tv, men, women, and anything in between! Won’t say too much here, but you get some incite to what is going on in our worlds and what we think about a few things… bad dates, sweat pant pro tips, and best way to sip tequila… in a fine tea kettle, of course. Join us in some lighthearted convo and a drinking game- cheers!


All the craziness. Unedited, unfiltered, raw convo… you know this. Tequila, dates, school, reality tv. Denver and beyond. Fans tuning in live- it’s a first. We’re out here figuring it out folks, this is some of our journey thus far. Laughs and libations. Cheers and frustrations. Happy hour Zoom, another one… but this one is varsity. 

Ashley Knight 

Ashley Simone Knight is an Esthetician, Model, and Colorado native. She started modeling when she was 20 and gained her experience in the growing Colorado market. She has been an Esthetician for the past 6 years and has recently evolved from working at various spas and salons to starting her own business. Ashley loves balance: Caring for others as a Skin Care Therapist, imparting all of the lessons she’s learned to others who are navigating life in her industries, as well as dancing and singing karaoke.



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