40. Start a Podcast!

“It’s not all about the number of downloads you have, you find a lot of benefits in smaller, more loyal following.”

-Veronica & Steve, Pod Sounds School Founders 

Are we having fun yet? Ya know this!! If you have been thinking about starting a podcast or wondered what it takes to make the leap, this one is for you. This is an awesome and informative cast with Veronica and Steve from the Pod Sounds School. The Pod Sounds School is a podcasting agency that focuses on helping you produce high quality audio and creative content to expand your business and grow your revenue through podcasting. AKA they are PROS in all things digital/social platforms: podcasts, You Tube, social media, audio, visual- everything. We dive deep into their “why” and how they initially got into podcasting. It’s not what you would expect, it’s even better. They share their journeys from the corporate world departure to the podcast world entrance and everything in between. We get into a tips, tricks, and suggestion, but mostly focus on the key pieces: the passion, the voice, and why each of us really do have a story to share. They even give me guidance mid cast, so you know I didn’t edit any of that out… the beginning is flawed folks (dogs barking/using their voice and all), but that’s that colors the journey! Embrace my learning experience and streamline your own potential podcast process! Check out all their platforms for more information and free master classes on how to get started. Veronica and Steve are two genuine humans following their hearts and making the world a better place with all the (digital and non-digital) gifts they have to offer- download accordingly!  


Transparency is trending (Steve’s words:). Connection! We need it. Questioning a better way, via a pod cast. Starting a cast and finding your why. Steps to break into the biz and ways to keep evolving. Starting ugly! Taking the leap and making a career change aka following your heart. Revealing your authentic brand and then sprinkling some glitter on it. Embrace the insecurities and see the transformation happen. Life skills are happening, less adulting folks, please. 🙂 

The Pod Sound School

Studio Steve and Veronica created the Pod Sound School to help podcasters produce high quality podcasts in an entertaining and easy to digest way. We want podcasters to publish their best work into the world so they can grow their audience and expand their brand. 

We have so much love for the podcast community and for this project. We hope that love translates in everything we do. 

We offer one-on-one training and support in all aspects of the podcasting process, offer services to enhance your audio production, and create free content each week on our social channels and blog. So make sure to follow us and subscribe to our newsletter so we can keep in touch. We look forward to beginning this journey with you! 

Let’s get it done and start creating, podskis!





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