36. The Power of Connection: People, Work, Energy, Organs

The older we get, the more we see how it all connects… all of it! If you want to maximize positive output, you have to learn the balanced recipe of covering all the bases, as much as you can, in all that you do. That sounds overwhelming, but it’s really about pulling back and potentially doing less if you can identify what habits, behaviors, or beliefs are actually contradicting and delaying your growth, evolution, or gains in general. For example, you can follow a high end, elite training regiment, but if you fuel like crap and don’t sleep- it’s going impact the way you show up to work out. Thus, limiting your ability to perform and then impacting the overall progression of your growth as an athlete/competitor. It’s not about training more, it’s about training smarter and looking at a “whole life” approach to living in general… not just to train better and more effectively:). How can we pull back the curtain and see what’s really going on? To be a better athlete, spouse, business owner, person? If you are into health and wellness or new to the conversation, you quickly realize that addressing one thing only leads to another and you see how everything really connects. 

On this cast, I sit down with longtime friend and personal go-to for all things health, Dr. Missy Albrecht. I have known Missy for over 6 years and she has seen me through the thick of my competitive athletic journey, professional marketing/branding biz and so much more. We riminess of the good ol’ days of common connects (humans and beliefs) and the initial conversations and really helped propel both of our personal and professional missions. Missy shares her journey as a medical professional, entrepreneur, and human balancing science with energy and spirit in an evolving wellness practice field. If you are into human optimization on a very high level or looking to just wake up feeling better, this is a good listen. Little tricks and inside views are shared from a doc that has been around the block in many environments with a wealth of knowledge and experience to back the convo. Health, wellness, nutrition… it can be a lot and it’s so hard to find great voices to lead the way without a marketing agenda. Dr. Missy is your go-to. We scratch the surface on so many larger, deeper convos around overall health, but this cast is a great general intro to those bigger, more specific conversations… reach out to Dr. Missy accordingly:)


All around health, wellness, and balance. Inner and outer health, mental, physical, and even organ movement? Harboring negative energy. Exuding positive vibes. The power of connecting. Human connection. Body and mind and organ connection. Movement is medicine, our muscles, our minds, our organs. The associate between stored energy and belief. Human and body support, it takes a village. The evolution of the environment, the career, the self. Filter your audience, maximize your impact. 

Dr. Missy Albrecht, PT, DPT – Visceral Manipulation, Physical Therapy & BirthFIT Professional

Dr. Missy received her doctorate in physical therapy in 2011from Mount St. Mary’s College and opened Invincible in 2014. She works with active people to help improve movement from the outside in and inside out. She has also trained extensively through the Barral Institute to help her clients with a full body healing approach through visceral manipulation, as well as non-toxic lifestyle education using doTERRA essential oils. You can learn more about Missy at www.StayInvincible.com & @stay_invincible

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