34. PodFest 2020, THANK YOU

This is a fun one! I was fortunate enough to attend PodFest 2020 in Orlando, FL, before all the craziness of CV19 went down… like right before! What is PodFest? In a nutshell, it’s a convention for podcasters, podcast enthusiasts, or people looking to get into podcasting… AND some of the best human beings I have ever met. I went to this conference to learn about all things podcast (we new out here!), but had no ideas that I would be embraced by a community of passionate humans with one main thing in common: we are all here to speak out. This was one of the most diverse situations I have ever been in, it was nothing short of beautiful. Most casts are yet to be monetized, so the passion project status was real. The community is largely made up of people saw a lack of light being shined on certain topics and they took it upon themselves to shine that light and share their voice. Casts ranged from military and transiting into civilian life, to managing celebrities, to life, death, coping, healing, sports, recovery, and things you can’t think of, but there are casts about it, because you should:). Chris Kirmitsos, the Founder of PodFest, leads with the heart and set the tone early on that this was an inclusive event AND community as a whole, led by kindness and care for one another. Chris exemplifies the idea of “attuite reflects leadership” as there many acts of kindness and support throughout the weekend. People helping people and furthermore, helping them share their messages. It was beyond inspiring. 

I had to take the opportunity to gather my new casting BFF’s and cast at the event… ordered a 1.75 of (QUALITY) tequila, a couple pizzas, and pressed record! The background noise is a character in itself and we have some special guests drop in, including THE William Hung, who has an awesome message and story, well beyond American Idol. Check out bios and casts of all these great ladies (links below): Sara, Melissa, Vivana, and Heather – who share their story, their cast, their advice, and their orders to the universe! THANK YOU, LADIES, for joining me and sharing your good words, can’t wait for next year!!


The whole darn cast!! Turmeric, tequila, pizza. Starting a podcast. Goals for a cast. Fear, life, hiking, spirituality, and everything in between. Advice, messages to the universe, something larger than us. KINDNESS and casing about our fellow humans. Missions and magic. Good people, good deeds, and enjoying the ride. Wash your hands and cheers!

Facing Fear, Sara McInerney

Facing Fear features individuals who approach fear in the pursuit of living unapologetically authentic lives and defining success on their own terms. Together with the interviewees and host (Sara McInerney), we are here to bring you raw storytelling and realistic tools to help conquer fear and surpass your goals.

Life Whispers, Viviana Soto

Life Whisper’s founder and podcast host, started hosting when she was in college. Her show Bayoya won numerous awards at Emerson’s WECB station and captured audiences from countries like Venezuela, Puerto Rico and even South Africa. Now, she’s back with different topics to share!

Girl Gotta Hike, Melissa Goodwin

Girl Gotta Hike encourages women of all ages to get away from the grind and connect with the ground – to immerse yourself in nature as an antidote to a busy city-life. It’s your resource for information, encouragement, camaraderie and confidence that will help you reach your own personal summits. From short day hikes near home to multi-day (or months-long) backpacking trips, the Girl Gotta Hike community has your back and will be cheering you on every step of the way.

Heather Snow Sheldon

Future podcaster- look for her soon #nopressure 🙂 Dig for Everyday Magic, her OG cast!

Drop in guest, David Orozco, his cast: One Small Bite! Check him out!

PodFest Expo 2020

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