33. Choosing Not To Have Kids

No surprise, big choices in life are HARD! Many of those “big life decisions” are made conscious or unconsciously with the influence of what we “should” do… Likely something like this: you grow up, graduate high school, go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, retire and that’s that. This is the American Dream we all thought we wanted, would have, and would be happy with. It goes something like that until it doesn’t haha… most of us know that the more your plan it, the more that plan changes. I was not that kid or planner, I mainly just wanted to graduate high school, play lacrosse and look forward to having my freedom to do what I wanted. It wasn’t even an entrepreneurial dream, just freedom seeking. Not even sure where that comes from, but independence is in my top 2 core values, so things make sense:) #onbrand 

Deepak Chopra said is well, “we are all under the hypnosis of social conditioning” in his latest book, Meta Human (meta meaning beyond). Meaning, our realities (and expectations) are what they have been conditioned to be. Until you question a better way! This podcast conversation really ties back to most of the podcasts I have- the base line theme of really getting to know yourself and what YOU want, not what society wants for you (or wants you to want). The American Dream is wonderful if that’s what you authentically want!

Myself and two good friends, Nadia and Sarah, talk about our life experience thus far and why we have made the choices we have. I am still a bit on the fence as far as kiddos, but Sarah and Nadia are firm in their decisions to have not have children and they discuss why, their conversations with family about it, and evolving stigma doing something outside of the norm. It’s a breath of fresh air to see and hear two passionate women, strong in their convictions and missions to the world to be so clear on a big decision- a decision that is usually not the popular one. Regardless of the decision topic, we could all take some notes from these two on getting to know ourselves, what we want, and standing strong in those choices!


Taking time to get to know yourself. Having and not having children. Choosing the unpopular choice. Following your heart. Mission and impact. Dogs, nieces, nephews, and plants:). Having money, time, and energy for other things. People who were meant to be parents and people who love their kids, but wouldn’t choose to have children again. Reality without jedgement. Make yourself happy, make the world a better place. 

Nadia Hrovat 

Nadia is a Colorado native currently residing in Aurora. She has always had a desire to help people achieve their goals, and this passion quickly led to her becoming a top personal trainer at Greenwood Athletic Club and has established her as an industry leader for 20 years.

Her need for helping clients achieve their health goals easily translated into helping them find their perfect home. According to Nadia, “Your health and your home are two of the greatest investments a person can make and should be treated as such.” She has a can-do attitude and aims to make the entire real estate process as seamless as possible, whether it’s a home purchase or a home sale. She is well respected, has an unparalleled standard of work ethic and drive, and is dedicated to making sure everything is done to ensure her clients’ success and satisfaction.

In 2018 and 2019 Nadia was on one of the top ranked teams in the state of Colorado. Additionally, in 2020 was awarded Denver’s Rising Star Agent. 


Sarah A. Hipps

Hello! I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Behavioral Change Specialist who facilitates clients to be their best selves. I received a Division 1 volleyball scholarship to George Mason University and after moving to Denver, CO, it became my mission to not only pursue my goals, but to use everything I’ve learned and lived through to help others see their best selves through. 

My focus is about the entire you.  The mental, emotional, and physical health all need to be present for you to truly feel fulfilled.  Speaking about mental health, growth, and fulfillment are my passions and I love helping people seek those by being a more dedicated person to their health.

Sarah’s Coming Events:

  • TBA (SOON) Self-defense session with Vital Proteins at Apex Combat Center
  • March 21st, Adidas Denver Fit Squad session on March 21st
  • April, restorative session at Modern Acupuncture Belmar.

Check out Sarah’s IG and site for event details! @sahipps and www.sahipps.com

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