32. The Whole Human Approach

Who knew we’d go from deadlifts for time to dead ass serious convo around how we evolve in our time? Focusing on how we slow down instead of speeding up?… What happened to us!? Evolution… and botox. Worry not. Some things will always remain on brand #corevalues. On this cast I sit down with long time fitness fam and Colorado OG Crossfitters, Courtney and Brandon Miracle. We have known each other for over 10 years and have seen CrossFit grow and expand to what it is today- from the farm up. Courtney and Brandon own CrossFit Surge, one of the longest running and most successful CrossFit gyms in Colorado. They have seen the cf fitness phenomenon as competitors, business owners, and business partners. AND they are still married!! I joke, but maintaining a biz, a competitive athlete’s schedule, kiddos, pups, and all in-between are no easy feats. The real cardio in life is juggling the balance and prioritizing. Responsibilities over ego. 

Like Courtney and Brandon, fitness and sports have been the entrance doors for me questioning a better way. How can I sleep better, eat better, train better… which eventually opened doors to the mental game and further, deeper questioning. How do I actually feel? Is my body telling me something? Maybe it’s not supplements I need, maybe it’s mediation and vision board? And what does that mean? It took me about 5-7 years to really dig into not only knowing myself as an athlete, but as a whole human. From core values, to allergies, to intuition. How can you be your best self when you don’t know what you are fully dealing with? You wouldn’t go compete without the proper training prep and gear, why would the game of life be any different? I have been so lucky to have had so many different people aid and guide in my personal and athletic journeys, but I really had to piece different things together to make it all fit- one group for training, one for recovery, one for nutrition, one for mental and brain wellness, etc. SO, when I saw Courtney and Brandon launching The Shift Project, a whole human approach to human optimization- I knew we had to cast!! They have streamlined a whole process for you to become your best self, from anywhere! It’s for athletes, parents, entrepreneurs- any and every one looking to live their best life as fully as possible. Tune into hear the details and how their real-life experience, evolution, and commitment to the greater good has brought them to where they are today. It was an absolute pleasure to catch up (and cheer on) my meathead, spiritually enlightened friends as they make the world a better place one human at a time. I am so glad they are coaches, business owners, and role models for a successful relationship… but, mostly that they are parents shaping the next generation that will evolve and lead even faster than we did:)!!


Human optimization. The whole human approach, The Shift Project. From PR’s in the gym to PR’s in life. Learning the hard way and speaking from experience. Ethos, credibility, ego, and humility. Competing in sports, CrossFit, and life. Balance and checking in with yourself. Universe speaks, breakdown and breakthrough. Passion and persistence to do good for the world, starting with ourselves. Questing a better way. Varsity humans. 

Courtney and Brandon Miracle

Courtney and Brandon are coaches at heart and serial entrepreneurs. Founders and owners of CrossFit Surge, The Happiness Endeavor and co-owners of Rom-Aid. Their entrepreneurial journey started over 15 years ago, but got a lot more real when they opened CrossFit Surge 10 years ago. Over the last 10 years they have learned that there is so much more to helping people become happy and healthy, and the workouts are often the easy part. They created the Total Shift Project to help their clients understand that the life, happiness and health they want is just a few simple SHIFTS away. They believe in a whole life, whole human approach. Connection of mind, body, soul and business that starts from the inside out. They have 2 amazing daughters who are 4 and 6. Their daughters are truly the reason they have become so passionate about helping the world SHIFT. Their mission is to teach them that they can be strong, passionate and accomplish anything they want in this world, and do it without stress, struggle or overwhelm!










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