31. Letting Go

One of the hardest things to do in life is to let go. Often times you know it’s coming or it’s necessary, but it doesn’t make the process any easier. We have no training in this, so the natural inclination is to hold on… personally,  professionally, spiritually, relationships, ideas, narratives, etc. We cling to what we think we need. Change is hard all the way around and to admit that something is no longer serving you- something that you love, have created, spent a lot of time on, are committed to, or is part of your identity, is WORK. We often get to a space where we can literally no longer bare the situation and come to a choice point. Ideally, you let go, have some time, and can positively reflect on a hard decision that was the right decision and realize how happy you are in moving on.  This process will continue throughout our lives no matter what and the sooner we can be aware of the need to let go in situations, the better. It’s a constant check in point on all things with ourselves. How is XYZ really serving me? If it’s not, we need to let go.

 On the cast fitness and wellness rock star, entrepreneur, leader, and longtime friend, Andria Bever, and I discuss scenarios in our worlds where it was HARD, but necessary to move on. Both of us are entrepreneurs, contractors, and creators- anyone in that space knows, things move fast and are constantly changing. Business plans change, people change, budgets change, lots of variables… but that’s also what makes it fun:). We dive into the personal and professional, but focus on businesses and situations that we have built from the ground up and at some point, had to let go and move forward. Like me, Andria is someone that bleeds the brand. There is no middle ground, we are either all in or all out… balance is also a learning process:). We are both a bit type A, so we’ll commit until it’s right… or until we make it right. Right? Naa, we have both acquired an awareness on when it’s time to LET GO. Hopefully this cast can somewhat streamline your process in moving on if that is a current space you are in or choice point you are at. Let our work, work for you!!

Whatever you believe, you can rest assure that there is a larger order to things. Often times our hardest decisions are the ones that point us in the right direction. Trust yourself, your gut, and the good people around you and advise you accordingly. The next thing WILL serve you. 


Letting go. It’s in the stars. Larger order. Bleeding the brand. Creating, building, and establishing a brand, only to let it go. Choosing your own path, even when it’s not the popular choice. Trusting your young self and being aware of how what you should be doing (or what you love) shows up early in life… go back to that kiddo!! Breakdown, breakthrough. Evolution and revolution. The next big thing. 

Andria Bever:

My love for sports began at a young age, which allowed me to discover my calling early in life. I found a passion for wellness and discovered the value of taking care of our bodies in order to obtain peak performance. 

My career began in 2001 as a Soft Tissue/Stretch Therapist at Exos (teamexos.com, formerly Athletes Performance) from 2004-2011. This setting taught me the value of Recovery for optimal on-field performance. My experience working with professional athletes gave me unique insights into helping the weekend warrior reach his/her potential.  This belief became one of the guiding principles of Denver Sports Recovery.  As Co-Founder of DSR my work extended far beyond the realm of Soft Tissue and Stretch Therapy. I tapped into my entrepreneurial spirit and ran all aspects of the business. I defined the brand and led the business culture by hiring like-minded professionals, created and implemented all Systems and Processes, managed vendor relationships and established strategic partnerships


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