29. Conscious Career Change

When the universe quits encouraging you to follow your heart and finally makes you… this cast is about a conscious career change that highlights one person’s journey to his most purposeful space:)

On this cast I sit down with long time lax and fitness fam brother, Dave Loudenslager. We have known each other for over ten years, both played lacrosse and then both got swooped into CrossFit and weightlifting. We have certainly seen each other “grow up(ish)” over the years, so this was a very cool conversation to highlight the personal and professional evolution (or lack thereof, HA). Dave is a long-time educator, coach, and mindful human being. His journey is the perfect example of consciously blending passion and professional worlds to fuel his new business venture, The Athlete Mindset. I won’t say too much from there, but it’s a fun one. If you are looking to truly do a job that highlights all your natural gifts and acquired skill sets, but are not sure how or when to make that leap, this is a great cast for you!

After looking into promotion gates (requirements for students to advance grades) Dave found that it is not a federal mandated program but up to the individual states to set their own policies. Find your states promotion gate policy HERE .


Fitness/sports makes friends. Truly living the turmeric and tequila lifestyle. Aka enjoying life and leading fellow humans. The education system. When you get into a job to help people, but lack the agency to do so. Finding and creating a better way. School and what they do and don’t teach us. The evolution of the student and the curriculum. What do our kids need now? Sports and mindfulness. Merging the physical with the mental. Fun.

Dave Loudenslager

Dave Loudenslager is a coach, teacher and former college lacrosse player that is committed to helping young adults realize and achieve their potential. As a teacher Dave helped launch APS Avenues, an alternative education option for students in Aurora Colorado that focuses on teaching social emotional skills along with challenging academic curriculum. With over twelve years’ experience as a coach he has worked with competitive athletes in lacrosse, Olympic weightlifting and Crossfit and is driven by a passion to help others. 

Athlete Mindset is a performance mindset company determined to help athletes find purpose in sport while providing them the skills needed to discover their untapped potential and achieve success on and off the field.

We teach athletes how to develop the skills of self-reliance, honest self-evaluation and reflection. And that in order to have a successful and sustainable career athletes must find a healthy balance between sports and life. It’s our mission to teach them the tools to thrive in both.

The Athlete Mindset



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