25. Influencers Under The Influence?

To drink or not to drink? In a social world (literally and digitally), alcohol is EVERYWHERE! You probably don’t even notice all things alcohol is involved with until you stop drinking- for the night, the year, or forever. You drink to celebrate, to mourn, to relax… there is even alcohol at church. When we know all the negative effects of alcohol, why do we not only drink it, but drink it alongside all the emotions of life? It’s a depressant! Is it culture or marketing or just plain social norms? As you know, I am a tequila fan and I love a libation or two:) and rarely say no to a good time. In addition, I am a lover of fitness and wellness- generally aiming to feel as good, healthy, and clear as I can. Hence, Turmeric and Tequila (the brand is authentic folks, the juxtaposition is real:). Many mornings after long party nights, waking up with a hangover and filing through receipts in my purse, I am not pumped about the costs around alcohol (energy, money, calories etc… #noregrets). Finding balance in work and play is a juggling act we all face one way or another and continuous self-check in points on all things that can get excessive, including fitness, wellness, and work, are necessary. 

On this cast, myself and longtime BFF, fellow entrepreneur, and fitness lover, Jessica Crow, rap about the impact of alcohol and discuss where the line is in balancing alcohol in our lives. We also touch on people who have given up alcohol or meat or anything that is “out of the norm” and how to support their decision to do so. Is the social influence so strong that it’s just easier to go with the flow? It can be, but hopefully this convo sheds a little light for those who are seeking balance with booze and/or have people in their lives that are non-drinkers. Proudly, Jessica and I are masters of fun AND love our health, family, and fitness… so on NEW YEAR’S EVE, we discuss the importance of balance. Cheers!


Influencers under the Influence, The impact of alcohol. Memory lane back to kindergarten! Drinkers and non-drinkers. The social norms of drinking. Balance in all things. Excess. Your surroundings. Your normal. The things we tell ourselves. Partying, it’s fun. Be responsible. 

Jessica Crow

Jessica Crow is an entrepreneur, a wife, mom of two young boys, a former foster parent, current yoga teacher, a lifelong student, and creator of the M3™ wellness framework (movement, meditation, mindset).  Her mission is to “power transformation by empowering people” through expanded awareness and understanding, whether it’s in the workplace or at the individual level. 

Jessica is the founder of Apogy, an online training company for people who want to up-level their professional skill set and immediately add value in the workplace. Jessica started Apogy in 2019 after spending 15 years climbing the corporate ladder.  She attributes her career success in part to ongoing training and professional development, which gave her the necessary skills and confidence to perform as she took on new opportunities.  Jessica believes that access (time / money) to information should never be a limitation to advancement, and wants to make it easier for more people to acquire the skills they seek by providing high-quality, battle-tested training people can actually afford. 

Apogy also offers wellness awareness (M3™) and “conscious leadership” training to help people bridge the gap between human “doing” and human “being. As a former workaholic and “stress addict”, Jessica leverages M3 to maintain health, alleviate stress, and strengthen her connection to self / others.

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