24. Spiritually Basic

Spiritually basic!? Naa, not at all, BUT all of the animals on my cards DID have blowouts- I can’t make this up:) 

Calling all witches, warlocks, scientists, and believers… this is a good one:). I am a strong believer in accountability, mostly from yourself, and then from the people/communities your respect the most around you. SO, I decided to have my cards read on air by longtime, friend, fellow CrossFitter, entrepreneur, and intuitive, Laura Mahony.  Nothing like hearing what’s in store live on air- SCARY! I wanted to see what is swirling in the universe for me- what is next… I am not sure?! Well, actually I know exactly and so do you as all answer are within. We already have the answers? Yup. That is a lot to actually grasp, hence I love readings, coaches, and anyone or thing else that can help you dial into you and your true wants, desires, and goals. I started this podcast quite simply because it was an easy way to seek, discuss, and share truth. Question a better way one gracefully disruptive convo at a time. This really wasn’t a biz angle or a marketing ploy, it is a platform for varsity humans to share their journey and their truths- thus far. The more casts I do, the more I fall in love with it. Completely unedited, heart and passion filled conversation stemming from love, experience, faith, and fun. It’s just so awesome. 

Many times, over the years I have put energy into some of the wrong things. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change one piece of it as I wouldn’t be where I am without it, but it has created a heavy consciousness around the energy spend now. I want to make sure and make sure again I am spending energy (time, money, and effort) on the right things. Of course I think this cast and many of the current projects are on point, but a little affirmation via cards never hurts… sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else:). The signs and answers really ARE all around us and we need to be continuously reminded of that, hence I keep Laura close! Enjoy this peak into my potential future, this cast, and me doing my fave cardio- following the heart #clichesfordays . If you are seeking a little guidance, I highly suggest you reach out to Laura, she is awesome and greatly gifted! Perspective is priceless, anything and all things are possible. Also, blowouts are imports- literally in all my cards. Even spiritually BASIC AYYE.


My cards, my thoughts, my future. Full card reading around this podcast- and my general professional leaps. Spiritual awareness, signs, and animals with blowouts. Standing out of the crowd. Taking action and believing what is in front of you. Changing story. More blowouts, ponies, and unicorns. Balance, timing, intuition. Leaning into what you already know, faithfully. Break free from the pack and lead. Impact, our youth, and some hilarious jocks in between heavy cometary… aka Turmeric & Tequila. 

Laura Mahony

Laura  is an intuitive that combines different modalities to connect with spirit and to provide guidance and healing. Laura is also a portrait and commercial photographer. Laura uses natural light, studio lights, strobes, small flashes, ginormous lights, itty bitty lights, existing light, no light, and just about any kind of light she can get her hands on. Her style is playful, warm, and comfy, and she focuses on movement and relationships in her photos. Her photographs range from ethereal to dynamic and always portray the genuine and personal. Laura works with schools, political campaigns, famous people, not so famous people, businesses, professionals, people in Colorado, people outside of Colorado, and anyone who wants exceptional photographs. She feels privileged to capture each amazing slice of life. All sessions are held on location, whether natural light or other. All sessions are fun and playful, whether portrait or commercial.  Laura can be reached at www.thejapaneselantern.com or laura@thejapaneselantern.com


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