25. Influencers Under The Influence?

To drink or not to drink? In a social world (literally and digitally), alcohol is EVERYWHERE! You probably don’t even notice all things alcohol is involved with until you stop drinking- for the night, the year, or forever. You drink to celebrate, to mourn, to relax… there is even alcohol at church. When we knowContinue reading “25. Influencers Under The Influence?”

24. Spiritually Basic

Spiritually basic!? Naa, not at all, BUT all of the animals on my cards DID have blowouts- I can’t make this up:)  Calling all witches, warlocks, scientists, and believers… this is a good one:). I am a strong believer in accountability, mostly from yourself, and then from the people/communities your respect the most around you.Continue reading “24. Spiritually Basic”

23. Responding To The Responder

Rhonda Kelly, Founder of ResponderStrong and Director of Health, Wellness & Resilience for Global Medical Response… AND OG CF BF, joins me on this cast to dig into the lives of our first and emergency responders.  First responders (definition) typically include paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, firefighters, rescuers, and other trained members of organizations connected with this type ofContinue reading “23. Responding To The Responder”

22. Naval Academy “Fails” Blaze Successful Life Long Leadership Trails

The first cast of 2020 and we are coming in HOT! SO appreciate this cast as Tim shares a detailed journey thus far from being a high school water polo stud, scouts honor (he was a Boy Scout too:), to him chasing the drive to serve which eventually lands him at the Naval Academy. TheContinue reading “22. Naval Academy “Fails” Blaze Successful Life Long Leadership Trails”