21. Year In Review 2019

2020, we HERE! Before we jump into the new year, let’s take a somewhat quick look back… ok, it’s a long one, but worth it. Myself and my 3 friends; Ashley, Shelly, and Zach, breakdown a month by month review of 2019. The best way to move forward is to glance back and take note on what happened and how. From there we evolve… AND laugh a bit too, hopefully. We highlight everything from major world/US events to pop culture moments to side tangents on life in general, #onbrand. I’ll keep this intro brief so you can get right to the cast, pour some champagne and toast to 2019 and help us welcome in 2020! 

Special THANK YOU to everyone who supported this cast in its first year- it’s been a wild one. We are over 1k downloads and growing, thanks to you all! I sincerely appreciate all the feedback, reposts, and general support. This cast is safe space for sharing thoughts, views, beliefs, and how we are all questioning a better way. I can’t wait to see what is next, cheers to evolution and revolution. Gratitude and graceful disruption all around. XO 


SO MANY THINGS. Month by month commentary on what happened in 2019. Lots of laughs. WTF Politics, Hollywood, and us, in general:). Different views, similar core values. How do we make 2020 even better? Let’s look back. 

Ashley Knight, @theashleysimone

Shelly Losasso, @girlswannabeher

Zach Tinsley, 

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