20. The Art of Looking The Other Way

Happy Holidays… end of the year check in effect! This is another solo cast- just me and all of you:) I am going to start doing mini CHECK IN casts throughout the year as each of our personal evolution (and resolutions) are an ever changing and fluid process. I know it’s important to pull back every once in a while, and really look at what is going on, internally and externally. This cast I am acknowledging the art of “looking the other way”. As humans, I really do believe that we only see what we want to see. This can be for many reasons: self-protection/defense, health, work/family/friend responsibilities, not knowing what else to do, and so many other good reasons.

As we have discussed on a few casts now, knowing yourself and what you truly believe (core values) are the base points for how you live in and digest the world around you. So being out of alignment on those core beliefs, small or large, can really throw off your world as a whole. This cast is about checking into yourself and the world around you and seeing what you might not have been seeing. What is negatively or positively impacting your world? This can be large scale- “global warming is not a thing” – Oil company employee. Or “it’s not really cheating, my bff just has needs” -loyal(ish) bff.

Lean back and further trust your gut, it will pay dividends in the long run. Good and bad, find the right way to speak your truth. Even if the positive repercussions aren’t immediately apparent- it will be the right choice for the long term #choicepoint. Your body, mind, and world around you, will thank you.

Happy Holiday, cheers is to positive, radical social evolution in our world, starting with kindness to ourselves and those around us. XO 


Looking the other way? Choice points. Speaking your truth. Standing up for what you believe in . Being real, with yourself, with the world around you. All the answers are within. 

Kristen M. Olson, Founder (HOST)

Human, Athlete, Creative (Biz)

Life long athlete, 18+ years in marketing and branding in the fitness/lifestyle industry…specializing in aligning key voices and creative strategy. Knowing there is always better way, we just have to look for it:)

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