19. Core Values

CORE VALUES… your subconscious core beliefs, your very own unique filter for your world and experience. Why you think the way you do, why certain things matter to you and why certain things don’t. Listen in to this cast to unpack that even more as it’s the base point to finding our true happiness. Happiness, also subjective:). 

I spoke about my core values on “The Why” cast, aka the last cast, so this is great timing to bring out the OG of Core Values, at least in my world, The Jenn Kaye. Jenn is a communication master, amongst so many other things (full bio below), and here she shares her journey of a breakdown at 15 and break through not long after (remarkable so young!). A pivotal point for her long-term life game and incredibly important career (positive human impact worldwide). Her vulnerability in this conversation reaches all ages, genders, and races, as we all face deep challenges in life and recognize (at some point) that the only thing we DO have is CHOICE. 

Choice to question a better way, to heal, to dream, to do. When filling the void destructively no longer works, when you realize the external behavior is from the internal self-dialogue. When you understand everyone wants to belong and feel accepted AND the importance of community. You choose a better way, realizing that the things you thought made you different, actually make you very human, like everyone else. Your purpose is to be happy AND each of us have a different path in that pursuit. The key piece in the journey’s map is communication: with other humans, with digital media, with animals, AND most importantly with ourselves.

This is a bit of our journey in further understanding ourselves. 


Core Values. External validation and internal conversation. Acceptance and belonging. Happiness and what that means? Purpose. How scary and hard it is to look at yourself and unpack beliefs and experiences. Making a change. Getting to know yourself. 

Jenn Kaye

Jenn Kaye is a transformational thought leader specializing in strategic communication and a never-ending seeker of what moves people to action.  As a Master Communicator, Language Expert, and Executive Coach, Jenn helps leaders, creatives and difference-makers get the results they want by identifying their authentic voice and customizing their message for optimum impact. A fierce advocate for the authentic expression of the human experience, she works diligently to support humans in making choices that are in alignment with who they truly are and developing the courage to disrupt their own status quo. She is the founder of The Choice Point Method, a systemized approach to leadership development, starting from the inside-out. 

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