Well, we are 17 casts in, so now seems like a good time to dive into THE WHY!?! 🙂 Why am I doing a podcast?… I keep this one pretty quick. Just me sharing my main goal, “To inspire positive, radical social evolution”, with you. How do I do that? Create a platform (this cast) for all varsity humans to share their journey, speak their truth, and enlighten the rest of the world with how they questioned a better way – ideally inspiring us to do the same… if we so choose. 

Growing up the way I did (my background), surrounded by the people I was surrounded by (my humans- family, friends, teammates), and my eclectic personal and professional experience (competing in sports and biz) has brought me to this point. Not all things in life are super transparent, personal or business, we are often led by the sale vs the truth. This cast is about highlighting all the humans and businesses that are doing things the right way, lead with their heart AND their head. Questioning a better way, shaking up status quo and in turn, providing space for positive, radical, social evolution. Great humans, doing great things… I am coming for you and aiming to get as many of you as possible to share your story. GRACEFUL DISRUPTION. Stay tuned. Cheers. XO


KO Background, the journey thus far, the goal, the why, and the why not!? The how, we are not sure yet, but we believe in the larger order- so WE OUT HERE. Graceful Disruption.

Kristen M. Olson, Founder (HOST)

Human, Athlete, Creative (Biz)

Life long athlete, 18+ years in marketing and branding in the fitness/lifestyle industry…specializing in aligning key voices and creative strategy. Knowing there is always better way, we just have to look for it:)

Philosophies: T&T 

*Team is everything AND independence is a top core value.  

*Botox the wrinkles AND highlight the scares. 

*Living on the trending setting tip AND on the couch with my dog. 

*Constant adaptation AND being still.

*Thankful for the past AND present for the future.

*Leadership is the greatest responsibility AND so if following your heart.  

*Opportunity cost is real AND so is saying yes to the moment. 

*Spend time as you feel AND invoice for it as needed. 


Dream, Believe, Achieve.

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