17. Women in Trades

Building an empire… to give it all away?! Precisely, with a job outside of your gender role please. We don’t want if it’s too easy #tupac :). The larger order circled one of my fave varsity (literally), Grandview Highschool laxers that I coached about 10 years ago (I know- soul botox!!), back into my world on this one, Maddy Fauth. Maddy is an entrepreneur/ business owner and she brought her good friend and fellow entrepreneur/business owner, Linzy Cassell, with her. We’ll dive into each of their businesses and their journeys into the trades/ service world, but first let’s be clear on what the trades (and services) jobs are:

Trades/Services Jobs include (but are not limited to):

  • Roofing, coating
  • Heating, cooling, home services
  • Elevator Installer/Repairer
  • Geological and Petroleum Technician
  • Web Developer
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
  • Electrician

You know, what you see the boys do… for the most part. Until now. Maddy and Linzy are two incredible women breaking barriers, not only as entrepreneurs/business owners in general, but in a male dominated space. So that packs a whole other line of experiences with it- not to worry both of these women carry a load of confidence in their work abilities and businesses AND more importantly, in themselves. We chat about why college wasn’t the right choice for them and how they took time early on to learn about what they really want (or listened when they felt out of alignment/universe laid the smack down)… taking that break year after high school just might be a good idea after all, and might save you a few $100k. Outside of money, which empires are in the making, so that’ not the prob, we talk about the value of time and energy… and giving back. We all want to be productive human beings, but what is real impact? Why is it important? Why giving is absolutely receiving in the best, most priceless way. Giving funds, furnaces, and a little something of girls to shoot for as they pick their “dream career”.  My journey into questioning a better way was later in the game than these two, but it’s funny how the world works… Maddy’s Mom was actually one of the first people to bring up “The Law of Attraction” (when the movie came out back in the day:), vibration, and intentional thoughts. Pretty sure she actually gave me all the cd’s to listen to haha, ahh the 2000’s…/I likely still have them. So It is no surprise to me her kiddo is right in line with that thought process and out there on trades front lines with her Dad being a true influencer IRL. AND she is pulling people into her post HS lax, but still varsity world, like Linzy! No doubt all of their parents are proud, as they should be. 

This is a great cast if you are a kid about to graduate high school, mid college and not sure if it’s for you, college grad and need cash/inspiration, a parent with a kiddo, or anyone questioning a better way in general. Lean in. 


women in trades/services. BNI, Business Networking International. Gender roles, and not having college debt. Following you heart or having the awareness of what your parents did (cuz you’ll likely have similar interest, surprise). Life skills through sports. Alignment and being out of alignment, vibration. Mom and dad. Pro women’s sports. Self-awareness. Reciprocity, give back, and paying it forward. The strong women before us. Entrepreneurs. Being the brand aka yourself. 

My genuine endorsement is given here, if you need service that their businesses provide- call them. They are the real, honest deal. 

Maddy Fauth 

Maddy is co-owner of Great Guys heating and cooling. From health care to cannabis to HVAC, making an impact is the goal. Daughter of two entrepreneurs, building an empire to call hers was destined to happen. Using skills gained from her lacrosse and semi-professional football experience she has built a team that is breaking barriers in the HVAC industry and for women in trades.  Great Guys is family owned and operated and prides itself on giving back to the community and those in need.

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